Money Making Scams

The Internet is full of money making scams. The challenge is recognizing the money scams before you lose your hard earned cash to them.

The scammers take advantage of two things a lot of people are looking for:

1. Get rich quick programs

2. Make easy money with little or no effort

The scams to make money focus on the above two criteria in order to get most peoples attention.

The money making scams cover many business opportunities and can include multi level marketing [MLM], work at home schemes, investment clubs, online training courses, publishing,  paid to do programs [such as filling out online surveys, clicking banners, shopping, surfing, reading emails and scripts] and Google Adsense.

Money Scams or Genuine Business Opportunity?

There are no shortcuts to making money on the Internet. If you want to be successful, you should be prepared to learn and to work at it.

There is no 'overnight success'. The ones that claim it are money making scams.

There are many claims of 'buy this system and money will pour into your account while you sleep'!

Think about it. If this was true, people would be leaving their 9-5 jobs in droves and you would be able to read in the news about the flood of successful businesses' on the Internet.

How Do You Really Make Money on the Internet?

A genuine, legitimate way to be successful is to build a website full of content, based around a central theme.

Most people search on the Internet for information, and Search Engines like to provide those people with high quality, relevant, content sites.

money making scams

So Search Engines favor large content sites which means those sites receive lots of searchers [traffic] and traffic provides the website owner the opportunity to make money from either selling a product, Google Adsense advertising, or affiliate commissions. 

Find something you are interested in and passionate about, and build a website about it. Be prepared to work at it [that's why you should be interested in it first], and as your site grows and more people link to it and visit it, more traffic [which is FREE traffic] means more opportunities for income.

Some of the money making scams offer you their product and a ready-made, turnkey website. What they don't tell you is that when you submit the website to Google, Yahoo etc, it will be rejected because it has duplicate content along with the other thousands of sites they have sold to other people before you.

With a website that can't get listed and so can't get any traffic, you cant make any money! The owners of these money making scams will try to tell you that all you need is their instant site - wrong!

Success is about attracting traffic - FREE traffic.

Your only cost should be webhosting.

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Scams to Make Money

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