ACN Scam

Is there an ACN scam or is it a genuine business opportunity?

ACN is a privately held corporation and they claim to be the world's largest direct selling telecommunications company. It was founded in 1992 by Tony Cupisz, Mike Cupisz, Greg Provenzano and Robert Stevanovski.

ACN is short for American Communications Network Incorporated.

They state that they operate in 19 countries and have over 1,000 employees and have over $500m revenue annually.

ACN started out as a long distance phone service reseller for LCI Communications, and then later began offering other services such as wireless phone service, satellite TV services and internet service, and digital and video phones.

It is a network marketing company [MLM] and like most MLM companies, teaches their distributors to leverage their 'warm market', friends and family.

Is there an ACN Scam?

As ACN is a MLM company, success relies on your ability to recruit a downline. The few people in ACN who are making a good income are reported to have a downline of hundreds.

That means that most of the people will be earning little or nothing for their efforts.

What is common to most MLM opportunities is that once you have sold to your 'warm market, friends and family, most people then struggle to sell to strangers, and so have trouble building a successful business.

They usually have to rely on recruiting more people in order to make any money, rather than using any marketing skills they may have.

It is common to read 'the money dries up when the recruiting stops'.

Some threads under ACN scam will give you an idea.

The actual business opportunity is not a scam, however it is a commission only business, so your rewards will be directly linked to your efforts. Selling on a commission basis with no base salary is not for everyone!

acn scam

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