Ameriplan Scam

Is there an Ameriplan scam or is it a genuine business opportunity?

Ameriplan is a company that provides discounted health care plans for medical services such as dental, vision and prescription care. It is not an insurance company.

You need to use the providers who have agreed to participate in the program and you need to pay for the healthcare services you receive, at the time you receive them [but at the discounted price].

In order to be able to receive the discounts, you are required to join and pay a membership fee. The discounts are negotiated by utilizing the large membership base.

Ameriplan has been in business about 16 years and claims to have 30,000 dentists on the program, and a membership base of over 2 million.

When you join Ameriplan as a independent business owner [IBO], you make an income from selling health care discount memberships, and recruiting other people to become IBO's.

Is there an Ameriplan Scam?

ameriplan scam

The complaints about Ameriplan seem to fall into two groups:

  • Provider problems - check if there are any providers in your area before signing up. 
  • Cancelling - to cancel your Ameriplan membership, we are advised you can send an email to providing your name and membership number, or IBO number

Ameriplan is a MLM business opportunity and shares most of the characteristics of network marketing.

The success factor in network marketing is all about leverage as it works on geometric expansion.

You can leverage your time and increase the number of hours of work effort on which you can be paid by sponsoring other people and earning an income off their efforts.

All MLM/network marketing models require distributors to buy in either through the purchase of products or special licenses. There is also a strong focus on not just the selling of the product, but also recruiting new distributors. There is often also a big push by upline members [the sellers above you] to purchase training materials and attend conferences.  

You can read some comments at this link to determine if there is an Ameriplan Scam.

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Someone can join Ameriplan as an IBO (Independent Business Owner) for a small startup fee of $95 which will give you access to your back office and 5 websites. …

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