Medical Scams

Medical scams can range from useless supplements, fake diet products, cures for cancer, unqualified people practicing as doctors, miracle cures to fake online pharmacies.

medical scams

These scams make money by exploiting people who are concerned about their health or have a medical condition.

They were originally promoted through infomercials, magazines and mail order, however the internet has now provided a whole new world of distribution opportunities.

Three of the most common recent examples are penis enlargement, hair restoring products and fake online pharmacies offering drugs and medicines at cheap prices or without a prescription.

Remember, ALWAYS be wary of 'miracle cures' that claim amazing benefits with no side effects that can treat a long list of illnesses or cure incurable diseases.

Unfortunately most people who are victims of health scams will grasp at anything, because they are desperate and looking for miracles.

Types of Medical Scams

The common types include:

Red Flags That Could Indicate a Scam

  • Claims of 'miracle cures' or 'magical breakthrough' or 'new discovery' and exclusive product that can't be purchased elsewhere
  • One product cures it all. Be very wary of products claimed to cure a wide range of unrelated illnesses, such as cancer, diabetes and AIDS
  • Personal testimonials that can't be verified, such as Mrs. Mary B who raves about how wonderful the product is. Most of these are simply fake testimonials
  • Money-back guarantee with no questions asked. Fraudulent marketers won't stay in one place for long, so can make any claims they wish
  • Medical terms and scientific explanations that are meaningless. Scammers work on the assumption that you won't research what the terms or explanations mean, or check out scientific studies supporting the claims
  • A quick fix such as 'get rid of your diabetes in 1 week'. Very few diseases can be cured in days
  • You can protect yourself against health fraud by reviewing the advice on this USA Food and Drug Administration page on medical scams

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