Mail Scams

Mail scams refer to any scams that attempt to steal money or valuables using the postal system as part of the scheme.

The postal system can include snail mail [envelopes in your mail box], or email in your computer's inbox.

In its simplest form, you place an order for an item, make payment for it, and receive nothing!

However it may be an enticing email offering you the opportunity to make millions of dollars by assisting somebody get some money out of a country by using your bank account to deposit the money into.

Most of them are based on get-rich-quick schemes, or identity theft opportunities.

Types of Mail Scam

mail scams

The main types of scam below include a mail component in the fraud:

Warning Signs

  • The person sending you the mail is unknown to you
  • You are offered large sums of money for little effort or risk on your part
  • Money is requested upfront to cover administration fees, taxes, processing costs, insurance etc before you can receive your money such as a lottery win or an advance fee fraud
  • The mail contains wording implying urgency or you will miss out
  • You are requested to provide personal information such as bank account number, so that the sender can deposit funds into it
  • There is a request for confidentiality
  • The mail contains copies of authentic looking documents to add credibility to the claims


If you believe you have been the subject of postal fraud, you can lodge a complaint with the U.S Postal Service for mail scams.

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