Internet Business Scams

Internet business scams may range from get rich quick schemes, work at home scams, impersonating an established business, or offering goods and services that either don't exist, or you don't receive what you expected.

Remember that the internet is a minefield with a lot of people in the virtual world just waiting to scam you out of your money.

It is easy to set up an online business, and then fold up the tent and disappear without a trace - and take your hard earned money with them!

Be cautious about claims made in regards to internet business opportunities. Some people are making a good living off the internet, however YOU will not get rich overnight by buying some eBooks, courses or membership sites that claim to quickly have the money pouring in.

If it was that easy that anyone with no skills, and little money can have a website up making heaps of money quickly - it would be featured in the news in the offline world, and thousands of people would leave their jobs for the opportunity!

Watch out for the websites with opening lines that claim 'scams, scams, they are all scams except ours"!

'Business Opportunity Review' Sites or 'Scam Report' sites

There are many sites that claim to 'review' business opportunities and present you with a list of the 'genuine opportunities'

They claim to do this out of the goodness of their heart and for free, or perhaps because they have been scammed and now don't want you to be!

Be cautious when considering the recommendations of these sites. There are some genuine review sites, however, the majority of the sites are internet business scams and are trying to sell you something by getting you to choose one of their 'recommended' products so they can claim their commission as an affiliate for selling those products.

The owners of these sites register as an affiliate for several similar type of products [that earns them a commission for selling a product/service that they don't own], and then they write a 'review site' that claims to have reviewed many different products and identified the 'genuine' or 'best' opportunities.

Some sites also put up a review about their competition, and provide criticism of the product or service, and praise their own product. The goal is to be seen as a genuine and 'impartial' site because they are critical of some products and supporting of others. The end result is to try and sell you their 'recommended product'!

They are internet business scams in the sense that they are not providing an independent, impartial review of a business opportunity.

internet business scams

What to look out for with Internet Business Scams

  • Exaggerated claims such as no experience needed, make money while you sleep, and make thousands of dollars for little work. You've probably seen dozens of them. They show you blurred ClickBank statements and daily revenues and promise you mansions, Lear jets, pools and fast cars. "Just send me the low, one-time fee of $49 and I'll show you how you can make $1000 a day working only one hour!" The people getting rich are the people selling you the program
  • Limited time offers. You have probably seen the offers that provide the current date on the offer and advise when you come back the offer will be gone, or it will be removed tomorrow! There are very few genuine offers that will close off today and not be there for you if you return tomorrow. It is a pressure tactic to get you to part with your money now, before you can do any research on the product or company
  • Limited quantity. Similar to the limited time offer above, there are very few genuine business products that have a limited number before they are sold out. It is again a pressure tactic to get you to buy NOW before you can carry out any research on the product or company
  • Testimonials you cannot verify. A lot of internet business scams show testimonials from their customers praising their services and products, but provide no details of those customers. If you are unable to verify the testimonial with the customer, assume it is fake!
  • Is there an actual product or service being offered, and if so, what is the quality of that product or service? Is there a guarantee? [although if the scammers intend to disappear in a short time after making some easy money, or don't respond to emails, the guarantee will be worthless]

How to Avoid Internet Business Scams

  • The Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission offer more information about avoiding Internet business opportunity scams, and they also provide information on ways to verify offers and file complaints. Your state attorney general's office might also have specific or general information about Internet business opportunity scams and offer an avenue to file complaints
  • To avoid scams, you may want to consider starting your own business, however if you don't know how, the U.S. Small Business Administration provides free information and resources for starting up a business from scratch. Additionally, the Business Resource offer loads of advice for starting a business, including a home-based business
  • If you have been the victim of a scam already, you can file a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center
  • Carry out web searches for the product, service, or business you are considering. With the popularity of blogs and personal websites, there may be a wealth of information to help you make your decision. Look for negative publicity or complaints about the product, service or business. Read our page on internet business scams.

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