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by Maria Pinterne F

I registered with the investor side two years ago. I didn’t deposit much, the increase comes from the bonuses I get. The FAQ does not include any additional payments. They work illegally, no company registration, no financial background.

In the course of the two years, with all sorts of keywords, they have already asked for a lot of money. I had this TIN, server upgrade, monthly membership fee, annual membership fee, back-plow. But I paid - for the alleged banking relationship - Negara Bank and Coin-booms to another investor who even stole € 1,200 from me.

I got in touch with someone who actually got paid - $ 204,000 and $ 504,000 but I wrote that he paid $ 25,000 to the company in two years.

I don’t know if I’ll ever see any money out of this. Shame on robbing little people of their money is uncontrollable. Whoever wants good should avoid them far away!

Address : One Queen Street East, Suite 400, Toronto, ON M5C 2W5 Canada.

Phone : +1 519 913 2507

Email :

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