Home business scam

by Anonymous

This is a home business scam. This woman targets businesses and individuals selling services online and then tries to harrass them and blackmail them into giving her money or services or goods she is not entitled to.

This lady Laura Gutierrez Garcia in Puccheim Germany is a very strange woman, clearly mentally ill with problems in understanding how the real World works and how to be honest and fair to others. She tries to sell things and buy things online and then after she has received the goods tries to demand that she gets her money back too, threatening to write nasty stuff about you here there and everywhere and talk to the Police and get you thrown in prison if you keep the money for the goods she bought.

She is looking for a job online and contacts people for work and then becomes abusive if they do not want to hire her or give her a job, same sort of thing. She tries to threaten, abuse online and all sorts to get money out of anyone she can.

She is now black listed by many companies and websites for harassment and trying to bully and threaten them with time wasting lies.

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