by Anonymous and

They are fraudulent chinese sites that pretend to be north american sites. I shopped on these sites for 2 boots.($132.40 and $115.45) For about 1 week there was no response and no contact number. When I emailed them, they replied much later (after about 1 week) and shipped cheap counterfeit goods of about $2 value completely different from picture shown on their website.

I believe both sites were opened by the same individuals because they shipped the same counterfeit goods. When I contacted them, one of the email accounts that responded to me was already deactivated.

I can send pictures of what I ordered and what was shipped. Till today, the other 2 individuals that sent shipping details did not respond. They put expensive designers names of shoes on their website and ship no name brand cheap ugly looking counterfeit product to buyer after many days of no response.

I can send pictures of what was shipped for both transactions.

These are the emails of the individuals that responded of

and (/

Cindy White (email is now deactivated)

Kelly alice AND

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Feb 04, 2020
by: Anonymous This is a SCAM!! At the end of December 2019 I ordered a purse and wallet and instead of a purse and wallet I received a BVLGARI pendant witch I did not order. The pendant was send from

CHengdu shuangliu district customs
Cheng Du SICHUAN 612200

I paid $84.00US

The pendant is worth maybe $7.00US

Dec 24, 2019
sunshine living hall
by: Anonymous

SCAMMERS. I paid for an overhead dish rack and got 3 small tray things with holes in them.

Thank god I paid via pay pal

Dec 01, 2019
Sunshine Living Hall
by: Anonymous

The company apparently owned by Chanyeyuyan cengdu shuangliu district customs clearance is such a total scam. How are they able to continuously get away with this. I ordered an overhead sink dish dryer rack and received 3 tiny plastic boxes with holes in them.

I would post photos but I don't see an option on this.

ED: you can post pictures when you start a new submission [but not when you are adding a comment to an existing submission] - use the page below and you can see photos there and you can also post your own story and photos there:

Oct 15, 2019
Furniture wasn’t delivered
by: Anonymous

In October 2nd I’d order a weather wicker sofa sectional patio dinning set and I paid $137.00. It was withdrawn from my bank and I haven’t received my merchandise and today October 15, 2019 with a little silicone brush but the packet also said weather wicker sofa sectional dinning set and it was in a little package with a brush only, what can I do?

Oct 04, 2019
Chengdu Shaungliu district Customs FRAUD
by: Gina

I ordered an outdoor sectional day bed from this fraudulent company and what I received was a little change-purse-size sponge holder for the sink, or at least that what I THINK IT IS. I have no idea what it is really and I certainly didn't order it for $140!!!!!

I tried to recover the $ they took out of my bank account. I thought it was a CC but unfortunately it was just a Debit card so it was taken directly out of my bank account. Visa came back and said the company sent them a tracking number, package details so it was delivered. This is when I realized what I was sent from this "company".

The ad kept appearing in my feed on the Marketplace on Facebook and I got sucked in by the low price. I should have know better but I was duped.

Now I am going to resubmit the claim to my bank for "item not as described" and HOPEFULLY I can get my $ back!!!!

BEWARE of anything too good to be is!!

Apr 22, 2019
by: michele

I have been scammed, bought boots, thought it was a USA company, was charged from a different company not matching the company web name. They sent me the ugliest cheapest blue satin pumps, and they were crushed in a poorly constructed box, I never ordered that, not even my size OMG.

Total scam. Have to fight this with my bank. $150 FRAUD. OMG I cant believe this happens.

Website name is its page states KMB shoes.

But the bank charge is under"bright-forest-technology"

Apr 01, 2019
Me also: I ordered an USB controller - and got some RayBan
by: Anonymous

Same here...

...I ordered an USB controller for about 40 Euro from a site in UK - and got a pair of RayBen...

I wonder if the company

hadisi hadisi
in Chengdu shuangliu district

is to blame or if the "bad" guys from that site just ordered a pair of RayBen for me from some other company for some kind of legal reasons.

I also wonder if I should send them back - and apply for a new VISA card or if all this is not necessary.

Is there anybody who can explain the strategy behind? I probably just would have forgotten about the USB controller and not have noticed anything without the RayBan suddenly being delivered...

Mar 19, 2019
There are loads of these out there
by: Keith

I just stumbled across this site after I received some of these "RayBan" sunglasses from hadis hadis, Sichuan, China. I have had dealings with who offer goods on the internet under various names. Mine was

I bought a toilet for £70 and got a receipt. Then I found they were a scam and when I checked with my credit card company, found a charge from Bright Forest Technolo, SINGAPORE for £79. No goods or response from their email:


Clearly they are just taking money on the credit/debit card and either not sending anything or a pair of fake sunglasses

Jan 22, 2019
Another one.
by: Anonymous

Same story as every one else, but this was Ordered a drum pad with no response whatsoever for almost a month. Attempted to contact the company several times with no luck and eventually contacted my credit card company regarding the purchase.

Just received a pair of sunglasses in the mail that I am assuming is from that order, and it shows the same shipping information and phone number 028-85895679 that others are reporting.

My credit card company is following up so I am hopeful that this may not end up costing me anything in the long run.

Jan 21, 2019
by: Anonymous

Received a pair of knock off Raybans today - after paying nearly £60 for a treadmill. Clearly been scammed as website doesn't even exist any more and my emails are being ignored.

Lesson learned I suppose!

Dec 29, 2018
Bolaiya chengdu
by: Anonymous

I got a small parcel yesterday from bolaiya Chengdu containing some cheap plastic sunglasses which I certainly hadn't bought. Wondering if it has anything to do with some UGG slippers I bought a few weeks ago from what I now know was a scam website. The slippers haven't arrived. I haven't bought anything else from China recently, so guessing the two things are probably linked.

Dec 28, 2018
Didn't Order from Them
by: Anonymous

I just got a pair of knock-off Ray Bans in the mail from this Bolayla Chengdu company. I have no idea what these were substituted for ... I think frog finger puppets. I am going to have to call all of my credit cards to figure out what happened here.

Nov 20, 2018
Scammed by outletmars
by: Anonymous

Ordered 4 baby items (pack n play, car seat, and 2 bottle sets) totaling $150 off the website I have waited and waited for these items. Today I received a cheap plain white T-shirt with an address from bolalya China and phone number 028-85895679. I am beyond upset and angry with myself that these people scammed me.

May 28, 2018
Bolaiya - Victim
by: Anonymous

Another website is also a scammer. I had ordered an Aape T-shirt but received a simple lady tee with low quality and using a soft plastic bag to pack. Worst than buying a roadside stall.

Email to the seller but almost 4 days no reply, my money has gone and being cheated.

May 05, 2018
BEWARE of fake UK Website - Chinese Scam Company!
by: Anonymous

Beware of also known as Bill Cushing Builders Limited claimed to be run by director William Cushing with the following address:

Black Bull House
353-355 Station Road
Lancashire PR5 6EE

This is its description:
"Bill Cushing Builders Limited is a private limited company registered at Black Bull House 353-355 Station Road, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 6EE. Incorporated on 2017-04-05, this 1-year-old company is run by 1 director.

Director William Cushing is a 53-year-old British national, appointed on 05 April 2017.
The company is classified as "other building completion and finishing" (Standard Industrial Classification: 43390)."

According to it is marked at 9% or HIGH RISK LOW TRUST!

This website says it is Seychelles based, but according to my credit card charge and an unsolicited package I received, in REALITY, it's a Shanghai, China company that is fraudulent, posing as a United Kingdom based company. It is under 300 days old, but the "company"'s website claims it has been running for 10 years.

I ordered a high end purse. My card information DID NOT GO THROUGH AT FIRST and I received a message if I wanted to AUTHORIZE the transaction. I did and tried again. This time it was successful. I was so wanting to buy this purse that I figured this happened because the company was not based in the U.S. where I currently live and that it was just extra precaution. A note: The website lists WESTERN UNION as a optional payment method. This is another sign the website is fraudulent!

Two weeks later in the mail I received that unsolicited package (mentioned above) and got a cheap, gray, nameless knockoff handbag with coin purse. It came with no packing slip or invoice, of course.

The package says it was shipped from the following address:

Chengdu shuanglui district,
customs clearance in China Sichuan dalian road 289
ChengDuShi SICHUAN 612200 CHINA

with the phone number: 028-85895679
sent by Airmail Postage Paid China Post and the fake purse labeled on the package for "description of contents" as Fashion BAGS

When I googled the address I found this:

This was posted TODAY by another innocent victim! She was ripped-off by the fraudulent website that ships knock off items from this same Chinese address AND phone number!!

What's more, this buyer bought HER item on the same day I purchased mine! On April 20, 2018!

This is her comment posted on that website:
"On the 20th April I bought online a pair of New Balance ladies trainers style 1550 in Black and rose gold. I received a legitimate receipt and order number. Today I received the parcel and upon opening it it is not what I ordered but a cheap pair of plimsoles"

When I ordered my item I received an email (found in my SPAM FOLDER!) from
with the following statement:

Thank you for your interest in products. Your order has been received and will be processed once payment has been confirmed.

Order ID: 48
Date Added: 20/04/2018
Payment Method: Credit CardCredit Card
Shipping Method: Flat Shipping Rate"

followed by my contact information I provided on checkout, including payment address and shipping address, even my IP Address for some reason. Product name and price I paid.


"Please reply to this email if you have any questions.

Powered By OpenCart."

I DID reply to that email exactly 6 days later asking when I would be notified my item had shipped and if I could get a tracking number.

A few days later, since I obviously didn't hear back, I went to

where I filled out the Contact Form with the same question. I noticed that there was no email address or phone number listed on the website.

PLEASE AVOID THESE TWO WEBSITES and watch for the following signs:

1) All or most items on online store are marked as on sale.
2) Western Union is optional payment method
3) Needing to authorize transaction
4) Email order appears in spam folder
5) Credit card transaction shows country listed as differently than thought. Mine appeared as such: "GPAY*BESTALLONLINE SHANGHAI"
6) No email address or phone number is listed on the website
7) No reviews are listed on the website
8) No responses to emails or messages sent
9) Risk or safety-check from or other similar website shows high risk
10) Website has no facebook, twitter, or similar social site links.

May 04, 2018
another scam
by: Anonymous
Is the same site but different address.
The same two emails

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