Zaee Harris Gemologist / Date of posting: May 19, 2022

by Samantha B.G.

Phony gemologist

Phony gemologist

Name / Alias: Zaee Harris

Where one can find the facial image?: Home page
Date that website was first registered: 2021-09-26
Website domain registrar: NameCheap
Website hosting provider: Cloudflare

Physical address(es) cited on website: 5387 Harriet Pl West Palm Beach, FL 33407
Phone number cited on website: +1 813-940-5630
Does area code of phone number correspond to physical address?: Possibly. Physical address and phone number area code both correspond to Florida
Email address cited on website:

Content served up by Amazon AWS?: Yes

Other related scam sites featuring the same woman's face under different names:

This woman may attempt to reach out to men on dating / social networking sites, under whichever alias.

After having supposedly busted her laptop, she may attempt to get someone to send her a replacement laptop to her, in Turkey, where she claims to be working temporarily.

Given the high number of websites in question, though, it's hard to say how many angles there could be for different targets and how many people may be working behind the websites and their presumably related profiles on various dating / social networking sites.

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Apr 16, 2024
Candace Banks
by: Anonymous

Yes, she scammed me via Facebook Dating app. Same story, broken laptop. Her story and info were very detailed. She even supplied a bank account and password for me to look at.

Got me for the cost of a new laptop. She stated she lived in New Bedford, Ma. on Mate Drive. There is such a place; but she did not give an address.

She preyed upon a man's loneliness and got away with it.

Wish she could be held accountable for her evil actions.

Sep 30, 2023
AKA Nicole Gallo
by: Anonymous

Same scam under the name Nicole Gallo with a website at Same pictures, same story.

Jun 27, 2022
Update on as of June 27, 2022:
by: Samantha B.G.

The physical address that is listed on the website for this scam has changed. Previously, it was listed as:
5387 Harriet Pl West Palm Beach, FL 33407
The address is now listed as:
1221 Brickell Ave, Miami, FL 33131, USA

This new address appears to be a sizable, multi-floor building, which may have an eatery on the ground floor. As such, the physical address listed for an individual jewelry appraiser is essentially an incomplete address.

In addition, Amazon AWS no longer appears to be feeding content for this website. Thank you to Amazon AWS for discontinuing its services to the scammers behind Zaee Harris and

The photo of this woman and the logo of the website, along with other image content, do still pop up on this website, but they no longer appear to be fed via Amazon AWS.

The registrar of this site is still NameCheap and the website hosting provider is still Cloudflare.

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