www.btcbet50.com scammers

by Sats
(South Africa)


I join these people and tested them for $51 offering 500% return, but when I withdraw they asked me to deposit $100 to activate withdrawAL. Then they said that the system is asking for another $100 for withdraw activation otherwise I will NOT be paid.

Now they are not processing my withdrawal and neither are they responding to my mails.

There are number of these sites that are scams . all of them if you ask me.
The following sites are scammers.

I think that all this the same people as they get exposed that just create another site and continue.

How do I expose these people to the police. I'm not sure if this is in the UK. I picked up that there they might me Russians involved.

All sites that I invested in I have never received my money. They all sweet still you have to withdraw.

Please advise who I can report this to.

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