WWF2 Scammers November 2020

by Biggles777

Alejandro N WWF2 Scam Profile Image

Alejandro N WWF2 Scam Profile Image


The attached are some of the Nigerian scammers on WWF2. All profiles are active and they all want Hangouts. Their approach is to just get you off the game. They won't answer any questions on it and expect you to go to Hangouts without even knowing your name.

The link below shows some exchanges on the game between my alias and them;


The first is Jalendro N a player since May 30. Originally TSmith a USMC Brigadier General in Kabul. His military scam is elsewhere on this site. The image changes to the man and name you see. He tries to start afresh not expecting me to notice. This is organised as they have another account from last year.

The second is Mark Anderson and his scam is also elsewhere on this site. Another one who comes back but with no change on their profile picture.

The third is Dr Perry Knight with the UN in Syria. In the above link you can see his approach and how my alias tells him there are no UN personnel in Syria.

The fourth is Captain Thomas L. He is from Copenhagen and without knowing my alias name tells me to go to Hangouts. He sends his account and refuses to answer any questions about himself. Some of our exchange;

Him: Copenhagen but currently in Maersk working

Him: hope we could talk outside here and get to know each other better

Him: add me up

Him: thomasmadson504@gmail.com

Me: Hi, you don't know my name and Maersk is a company not a location

Him: okay tell me what your real name?

Him: I know Maersk is where I work. I'm a Captain Thomas

Him: add me up let talk better okay?

Me: What does a Captain Thomas do for Maersk? They're a big company.

Him: Yes i know

Me: So you don't know what you do for them?

Him: I said I don't talk here much understand

Him: add me up and let talk better

Him: ?

Me: You're another one who can't say what they do. I'm not looking you up cause you'll just lie

He resigned and moved on.

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May 12, 2021
Thomas Madsen
by: Anonymous

Yes I've had the Thomas Madsen scammer too. He requested me via FB. We chatted for a short time then out of the blue he told me he loved me?? I'm shocked as you don't know me. I've had quite a bit of experience with online scammers so this is a red flag to me. Also the dead wife & Mum was shot!!

There's always a sob story. And the very bad broken English. Well I'm glad others have found him out?!

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