WWF Steve Rodriguez AND Justin Michael (stolen profiles) 213-766-2058, 323-206-6099, 323-207-5210

by Leslie

I'm out $170,000 (no lie). Scammed. Got a daughter involved and even had me talking with her. Working on an oil rig and engine trouble that needed to be resolved. Said he resided in LA, CA. Involved an older lady in a video chat at one time too.

Ridiculous! HAS to be in the US. He said California after he was busted by me, I got phone calls from all over the country threatening me. Kansas, especially. We talked on the phone, texted and made plans for SEVEN MONTHS!

He called me 3, 4, 5 times a day. Once I blocked the dark haired guy, the beared, balding one appeared and used the SAME INFO AND VOICE, yet claimed to be someone different, like I was a moron.

Photos are Facebook profiles that I believe were stolen. Local PD is involved as is the FBI, my bank, etc.

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Jul 23, 2020
WWF Steve Rodriguez, Justin Michael
by: Anonymous

What country did he say he was originally from?
They never say they were born in the USA.

When you talked with him on the phone did he have an accent? This is an instant awakening moment he is a scammer.

I am sorry you were scammed. I talked with a man for 4 months and he suddenly asked for $75,000 for broken machinery. I sent him nothing because I was aware of scammers. Did he pry his way into my heart, yes - bank account, no. Eventually 7 months after I started talking to him he came clean in a video. He wasn’t 61.

He is 25 and Nigerian. He still talks with me and has explained about his life there but I always remember he will always be a scammer.

I pray you can recover your money though most likely you won’t. Please take care and continually use your knowledge to stop others from being scammed. Also Report all scammers to Zynga.

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