WWF Michael Peterson, Michaelpeterson3818

by Anonymous

Hangouts email mr.rare0293@gmail.com

Claims to be originally from Germany but in Egypt on a contract. Lives in Manhattan, NY. Moved to the states after the death of his parents. Profession is a hyperbaric welder & civil engineer. Divorced and lost his daughter during childbirth who left him with a grandson called "Scott".

Told me he was called "Mr Rare" because "My friends calls me Mr.rare and I asked why and they call me that and they all gave same reasons and I like the name cause its a good name and good name is better than riches lol 😁"

This guy goes on and on like poetry and sends you tube links to songs. He has just asked for a $300 itunes card because and I quote "Am just having little problem with my connection here and it's not working properly I wanted to send some files to my company but it's not working...I actually use to work on the connection with an iTunes card but I can't get it out here"

On an image search this guy is using an innocent mans picture and putting it all over dating sites w-match.com, waplog.com. He even uses a photo of this guy with a young boy.


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