Words With Friends2 game scam players

by Sherry
(Pass Christian MS)

I’ve been playing words with friends2 game with a guy that’s been messaging me and is now asking for my phone number constantly. He says he’s a widow with a 15 year old son and he’s currently working in the Gulf of Mexico on a contract.

He says he lives in Dallas Texas and brags about living in a huge five bedroom home with pool and other amenities. Says he’s 60 years old and wants to meet a lady to have a future with.

Well now I’ve had another guy pop up on the game to play me and he’s also messaging me with the same story basically. Says he’s working in Mexico on the gulf on a contract. The second guy is new to my WWF game and just got his message today.

What is going on? Is there any way these guys can get any of my info just by the words with friends game?

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