Words with Friends Shon Blevins

by Anonymous

Originally this players name was PLAYLIKESHON then he changed it to HAPPILY MARRIED(NO CHATS). He does have an Instagram account under the name of Shon Blevins with the handle of uniquelymade.one, but all the pictures I discovered are not of him.

He is using someone else’s pictures, and not even a famous person. Ironically enough I was able to locate the person’s pictures he was using and this person lives about 20 miles from me, not several stated away. I am not posting pictures of this person as I suspect he has no clue his pictures are being used.

His MO was different from other people who have chatted with me on WWF. He was a computer programmer, with a wife who passed away and 25 year old son in medical school over in England.

We had chatted on WWF for a while before we moved to Telegram to chat. We did chat and talk offline for months. We would talk for hours about any number of subjects. We had many interesting conversations. We would read scripture and have nightly prayers, those were all his ideas.

I thought it was refreshing to have someone who wanted to share in the Word. He sang songs to me all the time. I fell hard.

He states he lives in Gadsen, Alabama, moved there with his family when he was in high school. Has a British accent. Tried to convince me there are many places who accept bitcoins for payment, I have yet to find any in USA. Was trying to convince me to open a bitcoin account. Was recently sick due to being let out of hospital too soon after having COVD19, his son stated he needed money for meds as his inhalers for asthma were not working. Now for some reason he has stopped all contact with me even though his “son” is still chatting with me.

Watch out and be careful. Last time I go offline to chat or talk with someone on WWF unless I know them in real life.

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