Words With Friends “lover” David Posey

by Bronzess
(USA )

I’ll be back with email and phone info.

Another WWF player. Wife died. Left with daughter. Same song different page. After a few rounds on the game I gave my google phone. Texted. Three days later had a contract in Alberta Canada. Asked if I like kids. I said yes. but told him that he should parade women past

In love quickly, of course.

Sent me her pics anyway. Hey I love to travel and am close to retirement - not trying to be a mom.

Two more days he tells me she is mad at him because he could not send her an ITUNES CARD.

That was the sign I was waiting for. I said No.

No explanation. No.

He tried a few more times. And demanded I tell him why I was so selfish. I was throwing away our relationship over a gift card.

He demanded that I tell him or never talk to him again!! For the past two weeks it was always Love, Love Love.

He seemed to have two personalities. Maybe two different individuals. He did not have a thick foreign accent but didn’t sound like California either.

I told him to have a good life. Goodbye.

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