With Kirby Vacuum Salespeople, No means "NO"....stick to it!!!

by Ashley
(Ft. Worth, Texas)

Today, a Kirby Salesman in my area came to show a free demostration on my grandmother's carpet...we agreed because we REALLY needed our carpet shampooed...and FREE why not? Anyhow, the saleman introduced his assistant and left her to demostrate how the vacuum worked....an hour later he returned advising that he was around the corner over to another satisfied client's house for assistance.

After the carpet was vacuumed, the salesman wanted to make an offer to my grandmother, of course she liked it but I wasn't quite sure what was the catch. He started the price at $3000.00 then started to knock off money for weird stuff (ex. my grandmother's maritial status, previous owner of a Kirby vacuum, my grandmother owned a car...etc.) then the final price was set at $1800.00! Unbelievable!!

I told the salesman that she needed to think about it first and he insulted me saying that "he was only speaking to the homeowner"...what?! Then he left out of the house to have his assistant shampoo the carpet to prove a point that the vacuum was worth buying.

While he was gone I got online and came across this review...trust me it's exactly how the role was played...especially the whole contacting his "supervisor for approval" on the monthly payments.

When he returned, I spoke for my grandmother and told him "NO"...and that we appreciated the nice floor but NO means NO!! He tried to beg and plead his case, referring to my grandmother's feeling, but I refuse to have my grandmother scammed for a vacuum that she's barely going to use.

In this case sir, "Thanks, but no thanks!" ....it's not worth the hassle or the money

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Mar 09, 2011
Kirby kick throughs
by: Jimbo

Good on you. Theres too much of this going on

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