Wise not fool

by Liza
(Makati City, Philippines)

He chatted to me on messenger and added me on whats app, and told me he's single but with one daughter. Whenever i asked him too many questions he will get mad and irritated. He told me he likes me, called me darling and other endearments, so on an so forth.

I'm very cautious on chat so I will not fall for his flowery words. Then one day he told me that he will go shopping and asked me what i wanted so he could send it to me. He asked me to give him my full name, address and mobile number, and it was a good thing i sensed something's wrong here. I replied back, and I told him it's just fine, he doesn't need to send me gifts.

After that, he blocked me on whatsapp but he message me on messenger, and told me that i am stupid and a fool.

I can't believe there are so many deceitful people, and now I learned my lesson not to trust fully on chat, and too good to be true people are pretending they're someone else. :)

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