Willis Marous Bitcoin Mining Ponzi Scheme Scam

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by Nigerian Scammers


Willis Marous is on WWF2 as Willis M. One thing is immediately clear, whoever it is they are looking to control you. They want to ask the questions and refuse to answer any of yours. He claims to be 44 years old from Poland but living in Jacksonville Florida. Has two sons Andrew 17 and Charles 15 and is single but does not say why.

They are also arrogant and daft This is our first exchange after a few texts saying hello;

Him: What's your religion?

Me: I'm not religious

Him: So you believe in God right!

Me: No, I do not

Him: So you are going to church today?

Me: If I do not believe why would I do that?

Him: lol

Him: So what are your likes and dislikes?

Me: No. LOL at your daft question. I'm busy at work. Enjoy Florida

With that level of stupidity I just ignore him and it's time to give one of them a serve of their own medicine.

Two weeks later he is pleading to talk with me;

Him: Can we talk now?

Me: lol

Him: C'mon, please

Me: No, **** off

Him: Buh I've been pleading for weeks now, please

Me: I don't know who you are. **** off

Me: I'll bet you don't know either you arrogant little ****

Him: I don't understand? What do you mean by "I don't know who you are and will bet you don't know either"??

Me: Understand this, I'm telling you to **** off

Edit, I just ignore and I apologise for the language I've chosen to use.

Him: How was your day going?

Me: Why don’t you tell me what you do for a living

Him: I’m an investor into Bitcoin cryptocurrency

Him: Have you hard about it? (hard about it?)

Me: I know crypto currencies and I doubt you invest. You’re a spectacular

Him: You know?? Really? How well do you know cryptocurrencies?

Me: Unlike you I'm not a stupid ****


Him: Still haven’t received any pictures from you...hmm

Me: You're not going to either you clueless ****


Him: I help manage investments and In order for the Bitcoin system to work, people can make their computer process transactions for everybody

Him: The computers are made to work out incredibly difficult sums. Occasionally they are rewarded with a Bitcoin for the owner to keep.

Him: People set up powerful computers just to try and get Bitcoins. This is called mining.

Him: Investment in cryptocurrency without mining doesn't yeild good profits and that's why a lot of people have bad market remarks.

Edit: He must think I'm as daft as him. He moves and wants to be my "broker"

Him: If mining was easy everyone would do it. You have got to have a pro like myself to get that much profit. I make use of an very special calculator that helps me mine coins countless number of times..

Him: Yes I can explain (I've not asked anything)

Him: Investing in Bitcoins in Binary Trade platform is the way to financial freedom

Him: In Binary Trade I happen to be your broker if you would allow and I help you mine 30-60% of your total investment.

Him: Bitcoin is the future of money I’ll say

No, he is not going to pay that sort of return. He wants your money to run a ponzi scheme. Just think Bernie Madoff

Edit: Again I push a debate on foreign exchange markets etc I make the talk so technical they don't believe me.

Him: Sounds like fairytale to me then

Me: Did you do the Google search I mentioned? Everything I said was true and can be found

Him: Sorry but true

Me: That’s because you don’t understand


Him: I just erased everything I wrote just to say thank you He's not only trying to hide his ponzi scheme, my abuse is really getting to them

Him: I was introduced into bitcoin mining by a Chinese man.. I never knew him, he walked up to me and offered me this life changing opportunity.. it’s very profitable and I know you disagree but if you’ll let a trial convince you okay

Me: You told me I'm full of ****. Look at what I wrote. Read it again and everything is true. Now you say an unknown Chinese man just told you about and made you rich? ********

Edit: I download a picture of a model and send it then ignore again. Later on;

Him: What are you having for dinner?

Me: None of your business lol Everytime I'm asked I give no answer

Edit: I do answer some questions but only if I get a little from them

Me: Go to bed. You think I'm a ******* joke.

Him: Maybe I’m a joke to you

Me: Maybe but I know you’re an ALF

Him: Alf? Do you mean alien life form?!

Me: No, arrogant little ****


Him: How was your day?

Me: What’s it to you? I reckon you’re also the village idiot. Anyone who believes that crypto currencies will rule global commerce in our lifetime has to be

Him: What do you propose?

Me: With an infantile question like that all is confirmed

Him: Sorry to annoy you with my presence

Him: You’re bossy you know that right

Me: lol ALF

Him: If you’re getting someone to do something you make them see reasons not bully them

Me: If you want me to be a bully I might make an effort. I now know the village idiot is a delicate little
petal lol

Him: Who’s this village idiot you talk about?

Him: You might make an effort to be a bully.. I feel I’m being oppressed here.

Me: Go look in mirror and you’ll see the village idiot

Edit: Whoever it was that one hurt. Later on

Him: Can I ask a question?

Me: No

Edit: I've offended and ignored, they've changed and a move for love is made by them. I rebuff

Him: I know you’re busy and I ask stupid questions. I stay up a little late at night because I love hearing from you

Me: Hmm the owl of Jacksonville lives

Him: How's your day going?

Him: Had lunch yet?

Me: OMG daft question time again! What did I do to deserve this purgatory?

Edit: By now you can see my approach has just been to make life hard and again, I ignore. They try for the love again and we talk about meeting on the game;

Me: Hmmm you’re wonderful at totally missing the point

Him: Sorry do you mind Telling me what you were talking about?

Me: Hmmm a short memory! Why’s that? Too many bong hits when young?

Him: You said I was totally missing the point. Kindly point me to the right direction please

Me: Consider the difference between a gaming and dating app

Him: Both have a foundation. Friendship.

Me: If you’re looking for both you don’t use gaming apps

Edit: We're both refusing to answer each others questions

Him: Have you dated online before?

Me: OMG another question

Me: Do I look like Ineed to?

Him: Questions for questions lol

Him: Do you wish to get acquainted?

Me: If you want a friend get a dog


Him: Are you registered into a dating site?

Me: What's it to you?

Him: I’m not registered into any dating site

Me: What an inspiring insight into to who you are you’ve given me ALF

Him: Are you registered into dating sites?

Me: You don’t answer me I don’t answer you

Him: I try to give you answers to your questions

Him: But you’re so arrogant No, that is what all Nigerian criminals are, you're getting it back!

Me: All you do is ignore any questions ALF I try I really do

Him: lol

Him: Sorry I only started noticing just now

Me: lol and smiles that’s your vocabulary you intellectually challenged peasant

Him: You say I’m a peasant because you’re richer than me.. still yet no offense taken. (At no point have I said anything about money or class)

Me: No! That’s you believing you’ve a superior pot to **** in

Him: What

Him: Can I have a picture of you

Me: No

Edit, this is really abbreviated and has taken months and I'm done with them

Me: Tell me about your outstanding 30-40% returns on your bitcoin Ponzi scheme

Him: 30-60% returns I said

Me: Elaborate

Edit: That caught them unaware. They turn to love, beauty, age and how unfair I've been by not telling them about myself.

Him: Edit out a repeat of Bitcoin mining. Then we're going to create a mining account for you that is connected to our Asic miner mining device then you invest and start receiving profits up to $950 daily with a minimum investment amount of $350 on a daily investment plan.

Edit: That is not 30-60% Now I get what I need to just stop it dead

Him: Understanding candlesticks is the first part to understanding trading. The candlesticks paint the picture the market is trying to tell you. It’s like learning to speak a new language, but once you learn it, you can read the chart within a few minutes doesn’t matter what it is.

Me: I’m impressed ALF can talk. By candlestick charts do you mean the ones that date back to the ancient Japanese rice traders?

Me: You know a dragonfly doji or spinning top?

That just put a stop to it on the spot. They were absolutely clueless and haven't learnt the new language they speak of. The next day I receive a lengthy essay on how wonderful day trading US equities is.

Edit: They've switched from their Bitcoin mining to day trading US equity markets. As you know this is edited. Fact is if you give them Bitcoin they are using it for themselves and to pay others. It is all a house of cards the same as Madoff As for what they're pitching with equities it's a load of fluff. Yes, real day traders can make a good living from it but real traders know that one day it ends. They stop when they know it can't get any better.

So if you meet someone on WWF2 offering the above it is all snake oil and you'll never see a dollar returned. I turn up the abuse and trip them up on what they've said which they really know nothing about, then I just stop it.

Him: I think you should tell me more about yourself

Me: I tried and you said I was full of ****. So, no ALF.

Me: You’re clueless first a bitcoin mining Ponzi scheme and you clearly didn’t know a thing about FX

Me: Now two bit day trading of equities?

Me: You mentioned candle bar charts and didn’t know two of the most common technical indicators

Me: You sir need a box of tissues to wipe the ******** running down your chin

Email used


Note to Editor: I'm sorry for the language but this was the best I could edit and there's so much left out.

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