Williams Ronald Oil Rig Scam Watch out!!!

by Angry woman

My story is very similar to many others here. Started speaking with this man in late June of this year. He contacted me via Instagram and got very personal. Divorced since 6 yrs, three daughters one with a coronary heart disease needing a lot of medical care.

I myself have a medical condition and he was very curious about this, making sure he was there to always help and support me. Perhaps a little too much. Supposedly a karatbar gold affiliate and an oil rig contractor. Went to Idahoe he said and thats when he first asked me to help him get a google play card because his reception was so poor and he had to borrow another mans phone to text me.

I didnt and he got mad. He then continued texting me again and getting all friendly and said he had driven 3 hours to get this card himself. However, shortly after he got there the work was postphoned and he went back to the US because he had been offered this big contract worth a lot of money. He gave up all to go to Brazil (posted photos of him on the plane with passport and all, on the beach when he got there and so on) to get this contract and once there he started talking about an unfriendly atmosphere.

Then there were men being disqualified because they weren't verified and he told me he is sorry and he felt for those men, if that happened to him he would kill himself. I should have realized by then but silly me I did not. A week passed and then the call came, via hangouts (of course) he sent me a photo of him crying his eyes out and told me he had been called into the office for an emergency because someone had hacked his US account, his verification was gone and he needed it to get this contract in Brazil or else he could not get that contract.

He claimed I was the only one he had to turn to because he had more or less got rid off all his friends because one was cheating with his wife, another was his boss and they got in a huge fight and mainly he didnt make that many friends cause he was always working. Claimed to love animals and kids.

However, when I said no he got really angry, then sent tons of texts of how he was gonna jump off the roof and his daughters would be left alone and the eldest with that heart condition. He said I was inhumane to not help him out and I felt really bad about it. Finally I did. Stupid me. Felt bad about it but he got happy of course.

Then all was fine, but he was working sooo much he didn't really have time to text that much until the next incident when he was to sign that contract for what he said was CNOOC Petroleum and he sent me the contract and all. Looking very professional to me. Then he said because I had helped him with the verification fee he had to put me as a beneficiary for his contract money and that made me really uncomfortable. I finally agreed, and he said if he cant get his money then i cant get mine back.

I bought that but had a bad feeling about all this. About 24 hours after that I got a company mail (should have checked the header better!!!) saying that I was now a registered beneficiary for the contract of Williams Ronald and all funds would be paid to my account after an insurance fee of 5000 dollars had been paid to that company. It was "company policy" since the contractors before had failed to provide insurance for their workers and sued the company for millions. I thought this sounded crazy and he got really agitated. He Said he swore on his life he was gonna pay me back, if I did not help him his dream was gonna die, he would surely kill himself, not even being able to survive there in Brazil in that unfriendly climate.
Other workers had paid and left happy for home. I got five days to do this. He said they left by chopper and also got a bonus immediately which was paid out in cash.

Day four when he had constantly begged and cried I felt so bad and all stressed and I wrote this contract between us that he was gonna pay me back within a month and he once again got very agitated but finally he did and signed it online and returned to me. Not that its worth anything but I felt bad after this and once again he was a bit more distant in his writing, claiming he was so stressed with this whole situation. I got worried so I emailed that company and asked them where my money was and why I did not hear anything. Got an answer that they had technical issues but that my transaction had been spotted and asked me to be patient. He said the same, he had spoken with them and lets be patient and give them a week.

Then more bad luck, him ending up in hospital because he got encephalitic from out of the blue and then he also got appendix which he needed to be operated for. By now I realized this scum was a scum, I did after that last payment but I just kinda got so mad i wanted to nail this scumbag.

I reported to the police here, I told my bank who tried to get a refund from the US bank but probably never will. I found similar stories all over the net when I started searching, which I should have long before. The address I got exists but there is no one with his name there. The same with the hospital he claims to be in. When I confronted him with this he got really really angry with me calling me all kinds of things.

I told him I reported this to the police and told my bank and my husband and he got very mad then he turned and said oh he had no idea and asked me to send proof of what I had found and so on. Then he said he went to check that company and they were all gone, but before this he said he got that bonus in cash that he was talking about. Very funny, he said that before I told him I found out they did not exist. I also found a story where a woman had paid money to the same account I got at chase bank in Chicago. There is so much more to this story cause he claims he was going to be operated for his appendix this last Wednesday but was attacked in the hospital by some men from "that fake company" that threatened to kill him unless I draw back my police report and tell my bank to back off trying to get a refund for my lost money.

He got very agitated once again. I also found out hes been in contact with several of my Instagram friends wanting to chat them up. I tried to report his profile but I dont know how the hell im supposed to do this. From this point on Ive decided to play along. I want this loser to get caught! I have filed that report with FBI and some other ftc complaint. Did a reverse image search and found another profile (also private) on Instagram with the same picture. He calls himself carlo_cebastian so if hes real or not, I have no clue. Unfortunately I dont have all the pictures he sent me on hangouts as I should have saved them but I do have the contract, beneficiary form, the contract he signed and all that. Im so mad I want to just explode.

This guy is a master of smooth words and compassion so watch out! He claims to love music, children and animals. He speaks with an accent and the signal is always poor he says and he is now in a safe place in the hospital (no BS ;_)) and I have heard chicken and babies crying in the background trying to understand where hes calling from. He gets very mad when I ask questions and does not like that at all. The tone changes immediately. So get this loser caught please.

His email is williamsronald7667@gmail.com

He uses pictures of himself and three girls and I am sure hes not the person in these photos at all.

Yesterday when I did a reverse image search for this guy I found out there is another IG account with the same profile picture (also a private user of course..) and he calls himself carlo_cebastian (same guy or original I have no idea).

After further research I managed to find out who the stolen picture is from by reverse image search and after my fifth attempt I fount him. Had to try four different images before i found a match and it was not on google. It's a guy called Cleyton Oliviera, some Portuguese lawyer who seems to be quite famous in Portugal/Brazil.

He has a fb page and his own Instagram account with a lot of followers. I can see why they are using his photos because there are plenty in different situations and environments. I tried to contact him there yesterday without much luck so far.

Also tried to alert Instagram about this, but their search engines do not find his name when searching for "famous people". I don't know what to do because these guys are still out there scamming more people and it really has to stop!

So please include his real name also. Heres the link to his fb page

He is also found in other sites from countries all over the world, like dating sites and so on. Aliases include: Cleyton Hamilton, Alex Balik, Ramon Medez, Martin from Paris.

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Nov 03, 2019
Scamner Clayton Oliviera, Portugal
by: Anonymous

Ladies Beware of this charming man.

We got to know each other through an Indian matrimonial app. He told his name is Ajay Manesh and is he is half Indian half Polish.

He wrote flowery emails and text messages and claimed to be in love which made no sense when we haven't even met. He showed too much interest too early. It was too good to be true.

I had a video call on viber with him and it was him. I still was not convinced with his name.

I did a image search on google and it turned out the guy is actually Cleyton Oliviera who is an Instagram star in Portugal.

I was disgusted with this and stopped talking to him.

I am lucky that I got away from his trap.

Girls use image search before you get even started talking. It is just painful to see that he is a guy living a lavish lifestyle, become an Instagram star by scamming the girls who are looking for love.

Hope he gets behind the bars soon.

Aug 31, 2019
They are all pigs
by: Anonymous

It is amazing how they can make you feel so guilty and how you are the only one that can help cause they have no one else in the whole world to help. What a bunch of junk. If we only tell them to go ahead and jump or take your life, your not there for whoever anyway, remember you are always working.

But it's so much easier to see this once you step away and are not so involved anymore. I just wish more of these guys could get caught.

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