Williams Alona North Sea Oil Engineer

by Biggles777


Williams Alona is on Scrabble GO and is the same as most on that game. He provides little information about himself and over to Hangouts you go. He says he is divorced with three grandsons. His only son died in Iran. 62 years old and he is looking to remarry. That is all he is going to tell you. A few days later 3 grandson's become's 2

You'll be asked all the questions and also see how daft they are. They just don't know simple English terms.

Him: what are you doing ?

Me: I'm about to call it a day

Him: okay

Him: what are your plans for the day ?

Me: Call it a day means I'm going to sleep

Him: okay

Him: so can will know more about ourselves if you don't mind (Is an American going to say it like that?)

Edit: He didn't understand and spammed my alias with useless questions. Like all, he is insecure. Every day he asks if my alias is in a relationship. He'll ask for a selfie whenever you are online and does a lot of cut and paste messages. Love songs, GIF and emoji are constantly sent.

Me: Seriously? This is a wind up, right?

Me: You just cut and paste the same quote you sent minutes ago

Him: Trust, loyalty and respect are a must for eternal happiness... No matter how much you love someone if you dont have these ingredients you will never succeed.To be in love means being patient but to be patient you must trust him first.

Me: So you're not going to listen to a word I say?

Him: I just want to have love and trust in each other

Me: I trust you less than yesterday

Edit: On we go and whatever you say will not register with them or they just ignore you. One day he wants to tell you to go to Walmart

Him: Will you go shopping today

Me: No

Him: Did you live close to Walmart

Me: No, Walmart is American.

Edit: He asks what is similar and then passes until Valentine's Day

Him: Can you buy me a gift
card for Valentine

Me: Ooh what kind? iTunes, is that what you mean?

Him: Yes

So that is his scam, gift cards, I download a used one from the web and send it;

Him: Did you see the card

Me: Yes I got you an iTunes card

Him: Okay. You can send me the card now.

Me: How?

Him: Honey have to scratch the card and send me .

Me: Okay

Him: Have you done they Honey I'm waiting for you.

Him: Are you there

Edit: Insert 2 images of a used $500 iTunes card

Him: Okay

Him: I need to see the number inside the card Honey scratch it and send it again.

Me: You can read it (the number is clear)

Him: Thanks honey

Edit: It's 1 am in Nigeria so hard to use now. They throw the love at my alias unaware the card is a dud;

Me: Thank you so much for your lovely words

Him: You are welcome Honey

Him: When I needed someone you were their, even if you didn't know what was making my heart sad.

Him: You showed me that you cared,and loved me. Thank you, for just being you.

Me: Thank you. Shouldn't you sleep? I think it is late for you right?

Him: Yeah but I have to spend sometimes we you here.

Me: Okay

Him: I hope that someday you would see threw my heart,and see how badly that I needed you in my life. At time it's seem impossible to have found someone like you.

Him: Honey have to have some rest now .

Me: Okay have a good night

Him: Remember to put me in your dreams and make that dream INTENSE. Love you good night.

Edit: He has gone nowhere and spends hours more online. Back he comes 5 hours later and his confidence is high. Love GIF and YouTube songs are sent. An exchange starts and as they think my alias has paid a lot of interest is shown and then;

Him: XCQ8N7RX5V32WD57 this code didn't work I have try it not less then 10times.

He can keep trying as it will never work. Email in use: williamsalona121@gmail.com

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