Who is this woman that knows Fred Fabregas fabio

by Terri
(America )

I have read all comments on this site and all are very similar that Fred Fabregas fabio tells the same story to everyone like me that is gullible to feel sorry for him.

I do not believe for one minute he is a veterinary doctor as why would he be out there for so long unemployed.

What I would like to know is who is this woman that he knows is she actually his ex wife or one of his accomplices? Does anyone recognise her?

Please don’t trust Fabregas as he has not only scammed us women but he has scammed men too and he is not a nice person. And as that other lady said in her comment she met him on LinkedIn so why would he remove his profile if he was supposedly a veterinary doctor.

No Fabregas is a SCAMMER

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Sep 29, 2020
Fred fabregas Fabio
by: Alyson

I too have been scammed by this man pretending to be an American veterinary doctor trapped in Nigeria. All he wants is money and always has a reason why he can never leave there.

If he was in this profession I’m sure his colleagues would have helped him to return home to the States. I believe he is a Nigerian and has stolen the pictures of this American he pretends to be maybe he wants this guys life!!

All he asks you constantly is how are you what have you eaten and who is with you - direct questions to get inside your head. Oh and he pretends he loves you and cannot live without you as he has no one else in his life.

Just beware all he wants is your money and believe me you will never see it again.

Oct 24, 2019
His accomplice p
by: Anonymous

Does anyone recognise this woman. Looking on line at various comments fabregas is a con man. Please tell us your dealings with this low life

Feb 12, 2019
Fred Fabregas fabio
by: Franchesca

I too have been scammed by Fred Fabregas fabio. He told me how much he loved me and asked all the time how I was, what I was doing, eating etc just to make me think he cared.

I never got to speak with him or see his face but he told me he could not receive calls on his phone but I do not believe for one minute. He is a perpetual liar and he wants to know all about me but will not reveal anything about himself. I don’t believe he is an American I think he is a Nigerian as what would you be doing in a country you do not reside in.

Ladies be warned that what you see is not what you will get. All you will end up with is a low bank balance. He has no intention of ever repaying it or meeting with you so be wise and dismiss this evil person.

Please ladies let me hear your tales about Fred Fabregas fabio.

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