Whats wrong with you all

by Dave

I read all these complaints on here and I don't understand you all. You are grown men and women and you know how to say no. These are just people trying to make a living, so sometimes their tactics aren't what we would call normal but if you've never been in the door-to-door business you dont have any idea what it's like. You talk about the 3-day cancellation. You try to call and you can't get a hold of them.

It is state law in the states if you read your contract you do not have to contact them by phone all you have to do is fill out the bottom of the contract and mail it in as long as it's postmarked by the third business day then they have to refund your money down payments and return of your vacuum.

As for older people mentally challenged people if these people are living there in their homes and they're not capable of making a decision then maybe the kids or the grandkids should be involved and these folks shouldn't be living alone. Maybe they ought to be in Assisted Living or nursing home God forbid.

As for you guys or gals that go to work for the company and you talk about it's a scam and all these things if you read your contract it all boils down to your contract. Keep your records, take care of your own business as you are an independent dealer for that company and it is your responsibility to keep track of your demonstrations your commissions as it's not the Distributors responsibility to keep track of those for you.

You complain about long hours then van crews then drive your own vehicle to go knock your own doors and spend your own fuel and set your own hours. That's what independent means you are responsible for yourself and if you want a pay check go make it as no company in this world is perfect.

If you go online here every company out there as multiple multiple multiple complaints if a consumer isn't happy it's a scam is just the way for you because you weren't able to make a no decision so you want to blame everybody else so wake up and grow up and learn the word no.

In closing most of you have never gave it much thought if it wasn't for salespeople you wouldn't be able to buy things at your local big-box store. You wouldn't be able to buy tires at your local tire store and you wouldn't be able to buy groceries at your local grocery store. Think about it sales people are one of the backbones in the states if it wasn't for them we wouldn't have the things that we have.

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