Whatmoug Levine UN / NATO Serviceman in Afghanistan Scam on WWF

by Biggles777

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers

Stolen Image of Innocent Man Used by African Scammers


Met Whatmough Levine on Words With Friends username LevineWhatmough. All the usual scam approaches and moves you to Hangouts as soon as possible. This person doesn't want to tell you too much about who they are. They deflect or ignore any questions you have about who they are.

Says his name is Whatmoug Levine who works with both the United Nations and NATO in Afghanistan in NATO'S command for peace keeping mission. It is either one or the other as NATO has no presence in the country.

He does say he is 52 but not where he is from. He sends images of a U.S. Serviceman who is used by those who scam. When pushed he says he is in the U.S. Army. Says he has a 17 year old son called Fred living with a nanny. He doesn't say where in the USA.

Aside from the pictures he gives away being a scam quite early and when I say what I do he immediately asks about Bitcoin,

Him: Like forex?

Me: Yes

Him: Nice

Him: Is it linked with Bitcoin?

Me: Yes

Him: Wow, that's great

Him: So u have block chain wallet?

Me: Yes

That is early on as you go through the usual Q&A they all do on color, food, music and movies etc. He does say he is retiring in 9 months and wants to join you on vacation when he does.

He paint's a picture of being a lonely man doing it hard in Afghanistan. There is only some mention of going on patrol from time to time and no disciplined military talk. What you do see are the writings of a young person using slang a lot. He does turn on the love and unlike most he isn't that active, there are days of no communication. Then he asks you to say how much you love him on a score out of 10. He gets a 7 and goes straight to asking for a gift card.

Him: Nice one

Him: Is it possible for you to get the iTunes?

Him: Or Steam?

Me: Funny you should ask, ******** tried to get one yesterday

Him: Did ****?

Me: Yes

Him: Could she get it?

Him: Is so frustrating here can't get any here

That is pretty much it he settles for a low value card saying he has no money and I just drop off. He isn't in Afghanistan nor the man in the pictures. He says he'll block me on Hangouts but he'll be back.

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