by Shannon
(Cresco, IA, USA)

One Saturday night around 6:30pm, my mother went outside & noticed 2 men walking up our driveway. Their van was parked a good distance away from the house.

She hesitantly let them in after they wouldn't take no for an answer. Then the one man LEFT in the van, leaving the other man sitting in our home to do his "quick" demo. He said the other man left to finish up with another sale at our neighbors house up the road.

My mother kept telling the man that we were very busy, she was trying to cook supper, her husband needed help milking out in the barn, & that we had a wedding dance to go to that night. He kept insisting that it wouldn't take long.

I was home visiting from college & my mom apologized for the mess as she has two daughters home visiting for the weekend. He asked if either of her daughters were married, whos wedding dance we were going to, etc. I thought these were personal questions & were really unecessary.

My mother kept telling him NO, not interested, can't affored, but the guy wouldn't give up. I was in the kitchen & yelled "We are busy!" I was feeling very uncomfortable & like this man was violating our home.

My mother needed to help my dad out in the barn, so she said she didn't have time & he needed to leave. My mother left me in the kitchen while this tattooed, pierced, awkward, rude man SLOWLY packed his items.

My sister entered the house at this point & asked why this strange man was dumped off at our house. He left our house & my sister looked outside to see where he went since he didnt have a ride here & we live out in the country. He sat down at the end of our driveway & waited there for about an HOUR before anyone came to get him.

My dad waited outside & kept an eye on him to make sure someone did come to pick him up. We were scared to leave the house that night because we thought these men were checking out our home/whereabouts for the evening to rob us.

I called our neighbors to see if any vacuum salesman was there, but got busy signals. We were feeling very compelled to call the police while waiting for this man to get the heck off of our property.

They made us very angry & terrified me. I had a nightmare that night. Who does that??


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