Western Match scammer April 2020

by Anonymous

A man who calls himself Stefan Fountain claimed to be Portuguese with parents that had been killed when he was 8 years old. Claimed to be mechanical engineer on oil rig. Had a son with a heart condition and was thrown out of his rental in England.

This guy is good because he's using the COVID-19 virus as a lead in to why he can't get off the rig and needs money for his son Hey! ONLY $1400 When I said that was out of my means he asked for half and then sent me a "move money" picture with a supposed value of $54,550.93

Wow, this went from potential nice guy to in love with me in a week. I kept it up just to see how far it would go. It took him two weeks to hit me up for the money. When I declined I've not heard from him since

Look out ladies he's screwed up

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