Wedding -Visa Scam

by Michele
(Hartford, CT, USA)

I was scammed by an entire family. The Man Prince Patrick Sena Apakbey was supposedly a crowned prince that I met on line. He purchased tickets for my daughter and I to visit Ghana. It was a week of pure fun. He took us sight seeing to parks and brothers took us to beach. Every day he brought back a gift for me. I got my hair done and manicures and jewelry.

On the last day, a big party. The entire family showed up including elderly aunts. This relationship went on for a year and a 1/2. I went to Ghana 4 Xs. Three times I spent with him. The last time we planned the wedding that was talked about from the first meeting. I spent $1000 on material for the wedding the aunt took me to Kumasi to purchase it, but they took the money but never ordered the material.

He told me that we need to travel to China to do business deal to have money to buy the necessary items for the wedding 4 cows, 2 bars of gold and make accomodations for visitors. He asked me to send $15,000 for the business deal because he had raised 30,000, but needed $45,000.

I sent money for the China visa that I never got and when I refused to send the $15,000 the wedding was called off, supposedly by the family. He supposedly had a bad accident and a bad business deal and lost the money that he had. That's why they asked for my assistance with the marriage items.

Over the year I sent money for death of aunt, for a party for holiday for politicians so he could secure the $30,000, for computer repair all of these things were part of the scam.

I even paid for a visa to come to USA and insurance, but he claimed the visa request was denied. It turns out that all of this stuff was part of the scam. I met all his family they and friended me on facebook and once the wedding was called off, I got a message on faceback book telling me not to contact him anymore and if i did I was responsible for whatever happened to me.

The entire family unfriended me on facebook. He had a picture with government officials and I even went to PArliament to watch him do a business deal to supposedly bring 1 million apartments to Ghana. None of his business deals ever amounted to anything and he was constantly ask for $100 here or there.

I never knew that scammers would actually meet victims and wine and dine them for years to get thier assets until it happened to me. I was truly in love with this man and blinded by the unity of the family.

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