Watch out on Instagram too--they are wanting to start a conversation

by radiant1
(Toronto, Canada)

Because some of my friends prefer Instagram, I created an account. My account name there is very generic. Anyhow, I have been contacted by a few people I do not know and pretty much have been ignoring them thinking that they were actually scammers.

Yesterday was interesting. I got contacted by a person who claims he is an orthopedic surgeon and so I was pretty sure that he too was a scammer. I thought I would push it. Classic behaviour of wanting to switch to google message or email rather than continue chatting on Instagram.

Pictures and videos on his page have no resemblance to orthopedic surgery and he claims to be on a Peacekeeping Mission in Syria (really a war zone?)

My message to everyone is they are on Instagram too. If they seem too good to be true they probably are.


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