Warning Signs on Scrabble GO and More Pictures Used by Nigerians

by Biggles777

Alejandro N Profile on WWF2

Alejandro N Profile on WWF2


Elsewhere on this site is the following page about warning signs for Nigerian romance scams on WWF2. You can view it here;


4 images are attached. They are as follows;

1: A profile picture of Alejandro N on WWF2. He started as Taylor S aka Brigadier General Taylor Smith of the USMC stationed in Kabul. The scam is on this site and this is the 4th image change.

2: This image is of David Minc aka David Meachel and there are 2 pages of their scam

3: Is another of Jack Bolin who is a young Nigerian. There is a page on this site

4: Is Harrison Mack also elsewhere on this site, an oil rig worker on the Piper Alpha rig

Word game apps are popular not just for those who wish to play but also Nigerian romance scammers. Their behavior is not acceptable, this site helps warn the victims of their predatory actions. More warning signs now this time from Scrabble GO. I don't need their full names, the way they approach and dictate their script to victims is terrible.

All the following are exchanges on the game and reported. If you experience anything close, forget it, block and walk away.

This is Klaus Walter and edited a little;

Him: I'm from Germany but currently working in Turkey with an oil servicing company

Him: I'm a medical doctor

Him: I'm on a one year contract with the oil servicing company here

Him: What's your job?

Me: Edit

Him: Are you married?

Me: No

Him: okay

Him: I'm divorced

Him: My ex wife cheated on me with my best friend and ran away with all my savings

Him: It was a really bad experience

Me: Good morning and I'm sorry to hear that

Him: Thanks edit

Him: I really need someone to confide on

Him: Can we write ourselves via email

Him: Hope you don't mind

Me: What do you mean?

Him: Can you go to your play store an download hangout right now

Him: I'm always active there

Him: You can add me up with my email

Him: klauswalter746@gmail.com

Edit: He is still waiting and if I didn't know better I'm talking with this lot already.

Now to James who hits you hard, has no patience and runs away when you don't reply

Him: Hello

Him: Pretty let's have fun together,what's the need we playing and not chatting,it would be of no use, let's get it on

Edit: Seriously? His first message!

Me: Hi James

Him: So where are you chatting from?

Him: Let's keep playing and chatting, that would be more interesting and fun tho!

Him: Hello?

Him: ???

Him: If you don't want to chat with me then the game is good as dead so no need playing the game. play

Him: Chat. that's the fun in the game so lets have fun together baby

Edit: No way! I ignore and he resigns. They work together in some cases.

One will try Hangouts and the other WhatsApp. Their former wife died tragically or cheated and ran off. If you push back both the names resign at the same time.

My alias met Randy and he wasn't wasting time;

Him: Hello

Me: Hello

Him: You're so hot send me your WhatsApp number sweetie.

Me: Edit

I thought this was bad, they get worse. They don't care about your name or who they are claiming to be. They just want to get you to Hangouts or WhatsApp Some exchanges;

This is John Walter, we have said hello and I am trying to get questions in

Me: I'm at work and don't mind chatting here

Him: oh i see

Him: please care to tell me about your marital status??

Me: (edit)

Him: Oh I'm sorry for that

Him: well I'm a single dad with a daughter

Him: am a widower as my wife and lil son died in an auto crash in 2015

Me: I'm sorry to hear that

Him: It's alright I had to realize that they were on loan to me from my heavenly father and that of my lost family really belongs to him,

Him: if I had not been brought to realize the truth

Him: I would have never made it through the year since there death

Me: Well, it's 5 years ago now.

Him: it still so painful

Edit: He says 5 years and 4 lines later it is a year. There is a few of them hitting my alias and all are impatient

Him: Do you have an Email address??

Me: Yes

Me: You can send me yours if you wish.

Him: jw461912@gmail.com

Him: That's mine kindly text me on hangout okay

Edit: I buy time playing the game. I also have an address from them

Me: Hi

Me: I set up and account for us

Him: Have you sent me a message on hangout??

Him: JW461912@GMAIL.COM

Him: That's mine kindly add me up on hangout okay??

Me: I sent you an invitation

Me: This is my new email (insert link)

Edit: As noted I'm talking with a few, the next is Crag Human, a Quality Control inspector on an oil rig I assume. He goes for it;

Him: a pleasure to meet you

Him: how long have you been playing this game.??

Me: Not long

Him: Wow that's awesome mine is a couple of months now told what he wanted
Him: am medical Surgeon


Him: How old are you and do you live alone???

Me: I'm too old to count lol

Him: I'm 63 years old and I do live alone I have only just one doghter and his name is elena, he live in united states

Edit: No! I'm not going to bother with him and nor should anyone else, David Jefferson thought he was trying too.

Him: Have been wondering of something

Him: If you don't mind can we exchange email so we can communicate more batter thire

Me: Why can't we use Zoom or FaceTime?

Him: have not here of zoom either FaceTime all i know is email hangouts But your iPhone auto fills the word FaceTime

Him: I hope you have an email???

Me: Yes.

Edit: On we go for a while to this point

Him: Add me or send me your email lemme add you so we can get to know each other very well

Me: Can you send me yours? I get spam and want to know it's you.

Him: Alright

Him: davidjefferson4892@gmail.com

Him: add me now and message me thire

Me: Okay. Mine is (insert link) please check, you're an interesting man my friend

Edit: Fred Huffman is in Iraq and that is all I know. He seemed patient to a point and gave me his email, this is me fluffing time to get it;

Me: Why do you have security issues?

Me: Can't we talk on Zoom or FaceTime?

Him: oh no dear, here in military camp, we are not allowed to bon such media, but since am bored I decided to come on here to find my friend

Him: Now that am always happy and free chatting with you i will love if you come to hangouts with me.

Me: Okay

Me: I have to get an account that is not for work

Him: Okay, so dear can i get you email so I can add you there??

Him: ???

Me: I can't use my work email so I will get one for us my friend

Him: Oh dear that's will not disturb your work, Is just for you to send me the email, so i can add you on hangouts, it won't affect any of your

Him: Working stuffs my dear

Edit as I talk with others then;

Him: Are you done with creating of account?

Me: Yes

Me: I'm confused. Are you in Florida or somewhere else?

Him: Am not in Florida am in Iraq working towards my retirement

Him: Okay so can I get your email so I can add you on hangouts???

Me: Oh wow!

Edit out what a hero he is

Me: This is my account just for you and I. (insert link)

Him: Okay dear, thanks I will chat you over there

Him: Dear the email is not on hangouts? (interesting)

Me: Yes. I just set it up, let me text you now.

Him: Okay waited let me send you my email so you can text me over there

Him: militaryservice8808@gmail.com

Him: That's my email just for me

Edit: There are still 12 more profiles waiting for my profile to accept a game. They pop in and out, you're talking to the same people switching profiles, emails and more. There is communication between some as to who will succeed with their "target".

All of the above and what is linked to the WWF2 warning signs page should be avoided at all costs no matter where you meet online if you see anything similar please block them and walk away. Forget their stolen images it is just not worth it

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Nov 19, 2022
1600 games and everyone a Nigerian
by: Anonymous

As soon as they text it’s obvious they are speaking Nigerian English. They say where they’re from without spelling it correctly. They all call you "Dear" - a definite Nigerian habit.

Have a dead wife, in tragic circumstances, left with the children. Doesn’t take them long to ask if you’re married. Always want to get you off scrabble onto WhatsApp or Hangouts or email.

Working on oil rigs, for the UN in war zones.
If you tell them they don’t sound American they say their mother was Vietnamese or similar. A smart person will detect these scammers pretty much immediately!

Sometimes they will admit to being Nigerian, starving, homeless, elderly parents that need medical treatment, and ask for gift cards or Bitcoin.

I am annoyed because they think I’m stupid, but then a lot of people fall for their scams.

Mar 03, 2022
by: KO

Biggles777. Any more info on Kody? Photos etc.?

Jan 10, 2021
More Email's
by: Biggles777


A final update with some more emails





Jan 06, 2021
More Email's
by: Biggles777


More from my alias and an exchange to show if you ask simple questions they won't be able to answer.

"Terry" was a BOT, my alias went along and after 11 texts was on Hangouts;

Him: I'm a widow but I have a daughter name Tracy she is fourteenth years old!

Me: What is your name other than Terry?

Him: My friends called me Dennis.....

Me: So your name is Dennis Terry or Terry Dennis?

Him: My name is Terry

Him: Have you ever used an online dating before?

Me: No. We met on a game.

Me: Where are you?

Him: I'm from California

Him: Do you believe in distance relationship?

Me: Okay

Me: What do you do for your living?

Him: I'm a drilling engineer

Edit and snip. On it goes and it almost feels like a BOT. Scrabble is a game, not dating, it goes on asking about "distance" relationships.

Me: So who do you work for?

Him: What does that mean

You get an idea. Can't even say their name.


Two other emails below;


These addresses are as disposable as their names.

Jan 01, 2021
More Email's
by: Biggles777


The following Gmail's are being used by Nigerian's on Scrabble GO

Randy Matt only wants you to go to Hangouts. He is clueless about anything else;


Howard Bernard acts in a similar manner. Reverses his name when asked.


Dec 27, 2020
Daniel John
by: Biggles777


Daniel is on Scrabble GO and his full name is Daniel John. Has a 11 year old daughter in boarding school, is 57 years old having lost wife and son in auto accident. From Alabama.

Works for Coca Cola as a photographer in the Dominican republic.

The above is a fake identity, email in use;


Dec 25, 2020
More Emails
by: Biggles777


David Relynod is a UN Doctor in Syria which isn't possible. He saw my chat invite and declined.


Raymond Casey is a marine engineer but won't say where. His address is;


Kody is learning not to be reckless with his WhatsApp number but is meeting a lot of new friends

Dec 16, 2020
Another Email and WhatsApp
by: Biggles777


Another email to avoid.


I sent an invite and it is someone I've come accross before. He refused to give a name!

Kody wants WhatsApp and uses the following number;

121 386 12402

Because he was reckless I used his number to sign up to the crypto trading scam site and he met "George" who then blocked all Aussie IP's from his scam site :)

Dec 08, 2020
Don't Believe the Returns
by: Biggles777


This one doesn't bother with love. He just wants to take your money via Bitcoin. If you see anything like the following it is just not possible. Even 15% is too much but "George" will pay you 100% in less than 24 hours.

Him: Do you know about foreign exchange trade?

Me: Yes

Him: If you invest you can get more than what you invest less than 24 hours

Him: So are you intrested?

Me: How do you return 100% in less than 24 hours?

Him: I can't really chat about it if you need more explanation give me your What's app number

Me: I'm not giving you any of my numbers

Him: Sorry for asking

Him: You can invest your bitcoin in one week you will earn $3000 it fast

Him: Or you can start with $200 and earn $2000

Him: Or $300 and earn $3400

Seriously? 100% is laughable and he ups it to 1000%. He can't justify the returns. The only one making money is him when he takes whatever you give and never returns it.

Dec 04, 2020
More Emails
by: Biggles777


Two more emails in use by them;

Stephen Albert is an oil rig engineer;


Timothy Miller is a US Army peace keeper in Iraq;


Dec 03, 2020
Don't Tolerate This
by: Biggles777


More examples of their behavior on Scrabble GO. Hopefully you can see how they are fast operators.

Mark Jackson can't answer a simple question;

Him: I'm engineer i work in tullow oil company but right now i'm here in Iceland high sea for one year and 6month contract here

Him: what about you dear?

Me: Ok. What do you do for them?

Him: for who?

Him: what about you? what do you do?

Me: Tullow Oil. What work do you do for them?

Him: am engineer

Me: What kind of engineer?

He resigned. It was all too hard. This is Alex W

Him: So what do you do for a living?

Me: (edit)

Him: well i'm an independent contractor engineer on a 6months contract here in Dubai oil rig

Him: So tell me what is your favorite color?

Me: Since when is Dubai an oil rig?

Him: what di you mean?

Me: Dubai is not an oil rig

He also resigned and "6months" is the same as Mark Jackson. I did get an email and it is;


I gave him one and they don't understand it

Me: Here's mine

Me: (edit)

Him: Okay dear thanks so tell me are you on hangout?

Me: That's my address

Him: I know dear...so tell me are you on hangout?


Me: That's my account

How can you be that daft? Someone called Jackson J came and went after this;

Him: Hello

Me: Hello

Him: Hay charming what an astonishing smile you got here. Just looking for an old friend here. When I stumbled on your profile.

Me: Okay

Him: It's always nice to read from you. There's this eagerness I feel inside of me to get more closer to you.

I ignored as it might be a BOT, they do use them.

Dec 02, 2020
Criminals Working Together
by: Biggles777


The following is from an exchange on Scrabble GO. Michael wants to go off the game to Hangouts and my replies suggest something else. I want video, he doesn't, he accidentally sends me the discussion he is having with another criminal;

Me: You seem like a nice man, can we use Zoom or FaceTime?

Him: Tell her you are having a damage camera

Him: That won't let you facetime

Him: So sorry dear, my camera is damage that what I meant

Him: But you can send her some good picture off you to her

Him: Hello dear

Him: Is like you are busy

Him: Dear km sorry for my keyboards are f****** me up right now and i really need to sort this out I hope you understand

As you can see his device is not working properly and my alias received messages not meant for "her". They work together and who you speak with changes.

Luka is with the United Nations in Syria. He has no idea what he is talking about. He provides an email address

Him: lukamarcus5850@gmail.com

Him: Let me know when you are done


Him: Am waiting for your text over on Hangouts

Me: I would have but you've changed your name to Treshaga

That is how disposable their names are. As soon as they give you an email they edit their profile to another identity

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