Warning of a double scammer

by antha
(dallas texas)

I recently talked to a friend who is involved in a double scam ploy. An egyptian sent her an email on Facebook in which he stated that he was looking to get to know an American woman and possibly marry her if possible.

The email was poorly written with a lot of lower case i's. My friend noticed that he was only 20 years old so she immediatly said that the age differance was too extreme and that she wasn't interested because of this fact.

He switched gears and said you're right and my dream was to always become an American citizen so could you sponser me so I could go to university and obtain a degree so that I could get a job and live there indefinitely.

She asked my advice and I told her to tell him there is an American council there that's in charge of these matters and he could acquire information on what steps to take. She emailed him back and his response was that the council needed $20,000 from her to sponser him to the U.S.

I told her it was a scam and a lie and that all he wanted was her money. I did some research and found out that the very same man that tried to scam me out of my money a year and a half ago was the same man contacting her except he pretended to be a younger man and just beginning his life - so be careful these scammers will try the double role to get your money

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