Vonnie Smith.. Smooth Operator

I have yet to hear anyone mention Vonnie Smith. The stories sound very similar. He friend requested me on FB. Very good looking man. Claimed to be originaly from Ireland, but living in Calif. with 12 year old daughter. Wife died in car accident 2 years ago. Just wanted to be friends for 2 weeks.

Then declared undying love. Out of the blue started calling me his wife. Refered to his daughter as ours. Was going to be sent to Gulf of Mexico on contract award. First asked for Amazon card for computer, that he had no time to get before leaving. I declined, he got mad. Called me stingy. I thought it was the end then he messaged me and said he was leaving soon, but had a problem. He needed someone to stand for his next of kin. I refused. He got very upset and said he couldn't understand why I could not stand in for him as his wife.

I still refused. He got over that, then wanted me to take a blood oath. I laughed the entire time we "took our oath". Then when he got on his mission to the "high seas" he sent me his "daughters" email. So we could get to know each other before he came back and then we were to be married. Then he had a problem that customs would not allow shipment of parts until he paid $50.000.

I more or less told him No. He got over this too. Then he proceeded to tell me him and his crew were going to run out of internet service. I didn't even respond to it. He called probably 5 or 6 times. His accent sure never sounded Irish to me. I had him pegged almost from the start. I probably should have blocked him way before I did. But he was a lot of fun to see how he was going to try and get money next.

I couldn't understand why he didn't just give up. He was very charming until I denied him his requests for money, then he was a totally different person. But I made a statement early in the relationship that I would be selling a substantial amount of property at some point. He always had that in the back of his mind.

Please beware of this man. He goes by MANY different names. I questioned him about this and he said his profile was hacked and he had reported it but they "catfishers" keep using his pictures. Funny how he refered to them as one but he is one of the biggest ones.

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May 08, 2018
Vonni Smith
by: Anonymous

The guy is also under Kurt William and this story is almost identical except for the oil rig but he cannot be bothered with anything, and I thought so too. He is so stubborn. Why, because you say something and he has it in his head he would wait years for that money even with that ridiculous blood oath and everything.

May 06, 2018
by: Anonymous

Sounds very much like the scammer that I dealt with a few months ago. You said that he goes by MANY different names....could you please tell me what the other names are and could you please send pics to my email so I can see if its the same guy.

I now know my scammer by 4 different names LOL

My email is mbaker915@netzero.net

In the comment area please put scammer pics so I can easily identify it and not delete as trash....thanks very much

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