US Navy Doctor in Syria SCAM

by Anonymous

He connected with me through Facebook, and I asked if we knew each other from somewhere and he told me no, but just looked at my profile and liked it. I doubted to accept but I did it since not much harm can be made through virtual chatting, and I warned him about my mistrust. His profile had no other friends and very few photos that were all very recent. When i asked why, he said it was for privacy reasons. When connected through Hangout he sent pictures and provided Information about himself (to build some trust).

I just chatted with the guy for three days. He said he was a widow from Houston on duty it Syria. One kid no parents, one sister. When I asked subjects like the hour there, or photos from the facility he simply didn’t answer or changed the subject. He told me he was committed with humanitarian agencies, etc.

When Told that it would be nice to talk seeing each other and then I told him that in hangout there is a camera, he answered that he needed an IPhone and asked if I could send him one. At the beginning i thought it was a joke, and said that Amazon don’t deliver in Syria. He replied that I could send it to the US and that a new Navy mission should arrive during the weekend and that they could deliver the phone.

I realized it was no joke, just a fraud and the same day I blocked him in Hangout and reported his profile in Facebook.

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