One of my coworkers got a friend request from the same gentleman that I have been dealing with. Same pictures but different name. Also I have found the person whose pictures I was receiving. We are now talking and tomorrow I am sending updated information to Interpol to try to stop these people.

My person, name withheld, is not a government official in South Africa but a very prominent business man and negotiator. Keep the faith. These scum bags doing this will be caught and shut down one office at a time.


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Feb 02, 2020
Tomas Lawrence. SCAMMER
by: Anonymous

I also was supposedly chatting to the man in this picture who was going by the name of Tomas Lawrence on the WWF site.

Seemed like a lovely man but turned out to be another scammer 😞

Mar 19, 2019
by: Anonymous

Loreen thank you for mentioning prepostseo.com.
I'm terrified. Never heard of it. This man I have been talking with his pics ive never seen are all over. I found out his name. The name ive been given was first name correct last name no. Who Am I Talking with. I found info. I've tried to contact him and how I pray I hear from him. His pics have been stolen. What do i do? I've done much research.

He says he was from Athens. How can I know if this fellow doesnt respond. I gave a short explanation. I can't believe this. Would this man intentionally use a bogus last name. I wish I knew. He text and again wants ITUNES cards.

This man is into some type of business. He asked again for itunes. Business man would not? He would if he's a crook.

Everyone be careful..please

Mar 14, 2019
Loreen report scammers
by: Loreen

Yes you can on line to Interpol and they have a mailing address and phone number in France you can contact them


GIVE THEM AS MUCH INFORMATION AS POSSIBLE AND GIVE THEM EVERYTHING AND DON'T LEAVE ANYTHING OUT. Give them any photos you have and remember the photos you have are not the person you were talking to. My photos were of a man that is a VIP in So Africa. He is involved with the community and runs his own very successful business there. He is married and I have found him by using the site of: prepostseo.com. when you get to the site you can download a picture and choose 1 of three sites to check the internet. This is how I found my person who is also being scammed by his personal pictures being used. He is a wonderful man that my scammer made me fall in love with and I have told him everything. I also told him that I would do what I could to protect him and his reputation.

Give Interpol everything and I mean everything. Email address, phone numbers, all pictures if you are corresponding with an app like Hangouts they need your user ID and the password to continue the ruse with these people to find out where they are.

Do not give up. I have not and will not rest until they are caught. And don't think that they won't be. One woman from this site I have been talking to sent me an text last Friday 3/8/19 saying that just over a month of her giving them all her information her scammer was caught with about a dozen or more in the same room or office, so it can happen. Have faith they will be caught and hopefully you are not in the same position as I where I fell madly deeply in love with my scammer by his words and pictures and now I have deep love for the person in So Africa and we are working through this. He is thinking of coming to meet me so that we both can get past this. Keep the faith my fellow scamee's THEY WILL BE CAUGHT.

Mar 13, 2019
Loreen Report Scammers
by: Anonymous

Loreen was hoping you could help me out about
reporting to Dept. Of Interpol. I use my phone so how can I contact Interpol to report. This guys said he was afraid he would be taken for a
Foreigner. Wonder why? More I find on him the more angry I become. I fell for this. He wanted money 11 days after we talked, slick he said it's his
granddaughters birthday. I didn't know it's 8 yr. Old. It couldn't be a card it had to be sent Money Gram. He was priming me I guess for a vacation he
would take. How can they use kids. I just want
To get on with life.

Appreciate any information.


Mar 12, 2019
God Help Us to Recover
by: Anonymous

It's tormenting to know the cruelty of mankind.
Ladies and you true gentlemen I was an officer in a male prison and I saw a coworker who I thought would never bring in contraband but they did.

The folks doing this are felons at heart, and they look at this as a job, have no Heart or worry making us destitute because of money. The Bible says, BEWARE THAT NO MAN DECEIVE YOU. Well God is all I have yet I fell for this. In Africa and Nigeria some go to witch doctors. They pay them to do a spell so that they will be well
received and Money flows to them.

As i think about it I just did as he asked. My Heart had been taken by one I Believed to Love Me. As we stand together and tell our stories we are praying stopping others from getting taken.


Thanks to all who post and much Appreciation to this website. As long as we Breathe and have the Living God we do have HOPE.

Mar 12, 2019
Older dating site
by: Anonymous

I called him out last night. I couldn't call him other than WhatsApp but couldn't face speaking. He told me I had failed the test and that I should get a life.

Low life scum.

I hope that they are caught soon.

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