by Anonymous

Everyone please be careful. Mine well it seems to be Organized crime looking thru texts. Well

this guy was in an accident and his dr. says he is unconscious. I can't go to the UK so money must be paid for surgery before He can go to THEATRE. I did a trace on the International phone and it is in Nigeria. What an idiot.
Love is so blind.

I'm finding out much more now. My problem
I totally believe is the man who says he is American/Polish. I found he went on line looking
for hotels in UK and New Zealand. He was in hospital on the dates he was looking. So he had asked for 8,000 to pay hospital fees. A few days after his search I didn't hear from him for 17 days and he cried why didnt you respond to
me. Well liar you didnt text me.

This guy says okay a lot and he says good morning how was your night? When he wanted money he said honey what are you doing today? Did you
eat. He could care less. It's a pattern when he's about to hit you for ITUNES or money he misses you and loves you and if I gave him a card he was gone for days. This guy talks for money and anything else he doesn't wanna hear it.

Please block them. This is very hard when you thought you were being loved.

Love is one sided.


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Jun 15, 2019
Oil Rigger
by: Anonymous

Woman in my building is sending money to a guy who says he is on an oil rig. They have been chatting for over a year and she let slip, after too much to drink, that he owes her $4,000 but that was okay because he has 4.5 million in cash waiting for him plus his $80,000+ investment account.

He was supposed to fly here. He got into an accident and she learned two days after he was to be here. Then he is out of the hospital and falls out of his wheel chair. He's on his way and then he has a heart attack! Gets out of the hospital and has to go back to the oil rig to serve out 6 months but can come to her in three months BUT the money is now held up by District Court (she does not know which one) and he has to pay a fee.

Person "crossing the border" between Ukraine and US (yes, I know!) was caught trying to escort the money to bring it to her and now has to pay a fee of $2,700!

She now is talking about taking out a loan. No matter how I tell her he is a fake, she insists he is real because she has these great pictures -- yes, handsome middle age European business man she talks to every night on Google Hangouts.

Mar 17, 2019
Their script is become widely known
by: Anonymous

Happy to hear they are so stupid that their story sounds the same for all scammers coming out of Nigeria.

They are an oil rigger - yeah right and send you cheesey poems and ask for an iTunes gift card, wife died, daughter in boarding school, and he will be back in 1 month. Have you eaten.


Top red flags.

Mar 17, 2019
Be strong
by: Anonymous

They are masters at manipulating people into giving them money. I guess when all you do is scam innocent people 24/7 you get good at being a scammer! Way to be strong.

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