Unhappy Kirby Owner

by Tasha
(Groton, CT)

I'm a unhappy Kirby owner. I had a very young girl come to my house dressed a business casual suit handling me a flyer and explaining that she is offering a free room cleaning.

I told her no thank you, but after a few mins of begging I agreed to let her come in and show me how the vacuum works. After 2 very long hours later I'm wanting this girl to leave so I can talk to my husband over Skype cause he was away on deployment.

She starts to cry and beg me to please purchase the vacuum cause her boss will kill her if cause she's spent so long at my house. Her boss knocked on the door and she started crying even more when he asked her if she closed the sale.

She explained to him that I wasnt interested. He started chewing her out and she started crying even harder. My heart went out to her, she seemed so sweet and so I agreed to buy the damn thing just to have this drama scene over with.

And yes I know what your thinking I was tricked and suckered and I saw it coming. But I grew up hearing how great Kirby was, blah blah so why not.

Anyway, I have this $2200.00 Kirby vacuum thats too big, bulky and a big pain in my back to carry up and down the stairs. Oh and for the record a $39.99 vacuum does a much better job picking up sand, paperclips and small pieces of paper.

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Feb 17, 2014
Cancelled Service Agreement
by: Anonymous

I have had poor service from this Kirby outlet for many years and as a last chance I had the thing serviced last year and wrote a post dated cheque for a new contract.

The cheque was paid in before the due date causing me financial problems with my bank. I sent the cancellation form well within the 2 weeks cooling off period following it up with a letter.

I discovered they cashed the cheque again after the form must have been received. I have written, phoned, emailed, emailed the States, spoken to various people, none of whom use a surname.

On Friday I was told the refund would be hand delivered on Monday (today), but now its 7.30 at night and still no money.

A rip-off company and I wish I had never got involved with them. I cannot sell the thing as I can find no one stupid enough to buy it.

What can I do?

Dec 04, 2012
by: Anonymous

I bought it with my credit card, called to cancel no return call I did not get a copy of my contract, return form, business name or address. Read the sites, and made a call to Kirby customer care. I was given the distributor name address in my area. Sent them a certified cancellation letter the day after with it postmarked.

I also put a hold on my credit card, so no charges can be applied to it, lol, I will make it hard for them to contact me...

Jan 23, 2011
Kirby Con
by: Anonymous

Thanks Tasha. We were about to agree to a 'free' demonstration that was supposed to be one hour. Reading your article has warned us off. We don't want to go through the tear stuff as well and end up with an expensive white elephant!

Jan 19, 2011
Pressure sale from Kirby
by: Jack

Hey Tasha know what you mean. We had the tears and I gotta make a sale stuff - all done to make you feel sorry for them and buy their stuff. I think its part of their training.

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