UK-American Scam

by Nicole Kunde
(Lower Saxony, Germany)

On a german dating site I got in contact with a good looking guy named Michael Daniel Stennberg.

He is from the UK but born in the States, so he has dual citizien ship, has a 10 year old son, lives with his sick mom in Southhampton.

He was in the Army for 20 years and is retired now, is self-employed, has a construction company. He told me he loves me and is looking for a new beginning. But he has a good job for the next two weeks in Nigeria and I was just like : Oh yeah sure, here we go.....
he called me from Nigeria, he send me flowers and chocolate.

After a week in Nigeria he asked for 2000 Euros, but I told him No. Then he was asking again but for just 800 Euros and I told him NO again.
But he keept talking to me via Yahoo and Phone. Then he got back to the UK, the phone number has changed but he was asking again for 1000 Eruos so he could pay back the hotel guard cause his paycheck was not chased in yet !!!!!SURE!!!!!

Sine I told him that I believe he is a scammer he is not talking to me anymore.

And Mr Smith Brooks is kind of the same but claims to be an American with a 15 year old daugther and his mom. He works for US Company in Nigeria too.

Ladys NEVER EVER send money to a person that you don't know !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Oct 08, 2014
Francis Williams
by: Anonymous

This man known to be a scammer for some time and has many names. I knew him as Francis Williams. +44 20 7382 5795
+1 (760) 824-3240 and +234 8129405582.

Same story different names.

Oct 08, 2014
I just met the same man
by: D in Dallas

He was just on the site "OK CUPID" and used the same story but changed his name to Michael Daniel Stennberg or William Daniel Stennberg.

In this version of the story, he has a daughter, not a son. He can talk a good game but what man doesn't talk on the phone or INSISTS on using yahoo messenger only.

So I googled his name. It seems he has been pretty busy chatting it up with the ladies. He has deleted his account on OK Cupid but I am sure he will be out lurking for his next victim.

His number begins with a 229 796 ****.
I am so glad he never got my first name or much personal information.

Be careful ladies, this jerk is staying busy.

Jan 11, 2013
UK-US Scam
by: Nicole

Hi Anonymos,

I don't have the number anymore but I have two Emailaddresses. and MikeStennberg on the Yahoo-Messenger actually Michael Stennberg.

I might be wrong and he is true but he never tried to prove that I am wrong.

Dec 13, 2012
Mobile no
by: Anonymous

I am curious if it is the same man I knew. His Nigeria number he called you on could you share it please. Thanks

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