Uk Facebook Dating Scam

by Suzette
(Perth, Scotland)

Liam Perkins - Rick Dancer

Liam Perkins - Rick Dancer

There is a man pretending to be Liam Perkins who lives in Aberdeen Scotland, working for Tessla. Having checked Focus Hawaii, reverse image on the photo and reverse lookup on the phone numbers he has been using, this man is not real, The photo's he is using are of a man called Rick Dancer an American actor.

Like all scammers he moved me to whatsapp and skype very quickly and the videos of himself where very similar to the photos that he shared. He states he has a child called Clarence who is doing a post graduate in Bristol University.

He is very smooth and does all the running and providing love songs, arrange meetings, he cancels at the last minute, and he did arrange for a meeting which I turned up to and he never arrived.

This man is very good, and I am very fortunate that my family picked up on his scam very quickly, so I have not been fleeced, just my ego has been dented.

I am reporting this man too Facebook next

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