Tyler Morgan Nigerian oil rig scammer

by Lise

This man is talking to my mother, telling her he loves her and wants to marry her. He told her a part on the oil rig broke and his accounts were frozen so she wired him some money thinking he will pay her back.

He says he lives in Chicago but originally from Poland but is on an oil rig in Barbados. I went on the site socialcatfish and paid for an image reverse search and actually found the person that these pictures belong too. His identity was stolen by this man named Tyler Morgan.

My mother still believes that he is real. Her friend is also talking to a few men as well. They are both oblivious. I don’t know what else to do to convince them!

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May 24, 2021
Oil rig scammers
by: Anonymous

The same pictures although he said his name was James Gomez and asking for money. He sent a picture of the rig and a picture also of him in bed with an IV hooked up. He said he was from Chicago and was in Scotland and his accounts were frozen. He said he has a daughter named Mary.

I fell for some of it too and sent money and wired to a WF account in Texas. He is a bad person

Oct 01, 2020
Run Fast from this POS!!
by: Anonymous

This man scammed my mum out of thousands and thousands of dollars over the course of 8 months. My poor mum fell for his lies and once he took her last dime he was done with her. He promised her that he would come and see her cause he was so in love with her and that he couldn’t wait to start a life with her.

Something always happened the night before his flight. Daughter got into a car accident, his work had issues with machines and he has to stay behind. I had warned my mum that he was full of BS and lying to her but she would not listen. We tried to close her bank accounts so she couldn’t send any more money but instead he was able to convince her that we were the evil ones who were jealous of their love.

He convinced her to completely push us out of her life. She would not speak to us and completely shut us out. He took everything from us. The Money was one thing but he ruined our whole family. My poor mum lost her house and all her savings.

I know people will think how is it possible for someone to fall for this crap but these losers prey on innocent, kind women. I hope no other family ever go through what we went through with "Tyler Morgan"

Sep 22, 2020
He scammed me
by: Stephanie

Please tell your mom to block Tyler Morgan. This man is a scammer. I was contacted by this person on words with friends. We soon moved over to WhatsApp. We had an online relationship for 5 months.

He fell in love quickly with me. I was a little hesitant at first as I have heard of a lot of online romance scammers. I did fall in love with this man. He needed money to repair something on the oil rig that he was on and his accounts were frozen till the contract was over.

In order for us to be together sooner he needed to get it fixed so I sent him the money. He assured me he would pay me back as soon as his contract was over. He would request I-tune cards from me constantly. He said he had no money for food and he was losing his internet connection as his accounts were frozen and he needed help so I helped him.

Four months into our relationship he finished his contract on the oil rig and said he was on his way home but was stuck at the international border and needed more money. So I sent him more because we were finally going to meet. When he said he was back home in Chicago I asked for him to pay me back and he said he would pay me back when he came to visit.

I live in New York and we agreed to meet in August. The day before he was due to fly here he contacted me and told me he had to go back to an oil rig for an emergency. I asked for him to send me my money before he left.

I never heard from him again. In total I lost $10,000 to this man.

Sep 20, 2020
by: Anonymous

Has anyone else been contacted by this man?

Sep 19, 2020
Stranger = Danger
by: Anonymous

PLEASE tell your mom to block Tyler Morgan immediately. If she wouldn’t listen then at least make her read my posts (links below) and many shared by others on this site. She is lucky that you are trying to get her help. For me I found out too late. It’s only after I was ghosted by the scammer that I found this site.





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