Two prior and now three scammers from Ghana and some from Russia.

by Jim
(Victoria, BC)

Of course the scammers, whether male or female, send me lovely pictures of beautiful young women. I appreciate the pretty pictures and profuse my undying love for them as well.

It is an interesting game to play, some are rank amateurs and I blow them away in a day or two, they are boring to play with and I do not want to waste time with them.

But some are consummate professionals and play a very good game, they are almost believable. I have been chatting with one Russian "Lady" for over a month now and she has never yet asked me for money! She tells me she is moving from Russia to attend college in my town in the new year. I know she will ask me for money sometime down the line but until she does I will play the game.

Then there is the "Gall" from Ghana that sends me pictures, purportedly of herself, that are of different Women depending on the day of the week.

She was desperate to get back to North America so I offered to buy her a non-refundable airline ticket on my credit card just to see her reaction. Of course she refused saying it would be better if I just sent her the money so she could make the arrangements.

I told her there was no way, that was not happening and I would never send money to a stranger I met on the net, and expected that to be the end of the game. Yet she has not given up and messages me several times a day!

I believe I am doing a public service by stringing them along and perhaps saving another lonely man from their tender mercies. And I have fun doing it!

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Apr 17, 2016
I have been playing the game too !!
by: Anonymous

I have Five women in total I chat with, 4 from Ghana and one who claims to be from Georgia. I guess past relationships I am weary of the dating sites I have been on.

The best scam artist of course drop dead gorgeous girl, 32, looks a few years younger. She hasn't asked for money, but loves me so much already, misses me way to much between chats. She claims to be in Ghana. I play along, I am honest about who I am.

Early on in each of these chats, I receive the photos, same girl in each photo, professionally taken. First give away, who's taking all these camera quality phone photos. They can be very charming and warm, all have wonderful smiles and profess their undying Love and cant wait to meet you.


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