True Facts

by toolbelt
(vaughan ont)

When looking at Primerica, it must be divided into 3 areas. The company, the opportunity, and the product. As a business, corporate Primerica is profitable and legal. As an opportunity, the system is designed for huge turnover while skimming 2-3 policy sales off new recruits/reps before they realize the dream is just that....hollow promises!

As for products, at least in Canada, in the 20 or so random spot checks I've done, they are between 67% and 107% higher on premiums for term insurance, and their investment products have large MERS. So the question now is, why are Primericans so vocal about their company?

Its because they must create the illusion of success to attract new recruits, who in turn lead them to their warm market of friends and family. Its a constant cycle where new recruits replace licensed reps to be replaced themselves in a few months.

Only those who got in years ago make any real money, and a rare few street level reps, but seldom in consecutive years. They all use generalized statements such as "just got a large commission cheque" or "making it rich here", but dont provide any numbers.

The truth is, almost without exception, they may have made their first two sales in 6 months and pocketed $300, after spending $100's out of pocket on expenses. They need more recruits to keep the cycle going. In their minds they're always "one week away" from that big sale, all their hard work will pay off. In truth, even the most positive (brainwashed) realize at some point, that the dream isnt real.

And not because they didnt work hard or follow the system, but because they've actually fulfilled their destiny as Primerica planned it.

Only Primerica wins in the end.

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Jan 26, 2016
latest stats
by: Anonymous

Latest Primerica Stats (Between 2009 and the end of 2015)
- Recruited 1,502,173 people

- 1,253,657 recruits left before obtaining their license (but after paying their $99 to $199 fee)

- 243,167 licensed reps quit the company

Dec 17, 2015
by: Anonymous

Of course everybody has an opinion, some good, some bad. The best way to analyze any publicly traded corporation is to view their annual reports.

Their turnover rate is staggering.

They must benefit from this, otherwise they'd fix it. What benefit is there to recruiting upwards of 200,000 each year you ask? Well those recruits represent the best warm market available. Theyve already invested their $199 entry fee. They are ripe for the picking, as well as their warm market, before theyre licensed and commissionable.

Theyre warm market prospects are the most profitable there is.

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