Tricked into thinking they were a cleaning service

by Matt
(Covington, GA)

I was expecting Stanley Steamer to clean my floors. I answered the door thinking they were here. Instead a man tells me that he has a new store opening and that he can clean an area for free to show off their new technique. I told hin Stanley Steamer was coming and he replied that they used a different technique than Stanley.

I took this to mean that he had a professional cleaning service which was in competition to Stanley. The notice above mentions it isn’t a scam when we invite them to do the demonstration, yet this person clearly misled me and at no point did he mention showing me a Kirby vacuum system until I had already agreed to let him in.

He then leaves and this young girl who was way over her head begins trying to pull out all the accessories when I had only agreed to them cleaning an area rug so I could test their cleaning service against that of Stanley Steamer for the next time I needed my home cleaned. The fact that he told me they were opening a new store in my area is clearly a lie since I now found put that Kirby vacuums aren’t sold at any brick and mortar stores

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