Travis Oscar California Oil Rig Contractor Scam on WWF

by Biggles777

Stolen image of an innocent man used by Nigerian scammers

Stolen image of an innocent man used by Nigerian scammers


This took place over 3 weeks, I'd like to post it all but there is too much and this is a little.

Met a user on the game by the name of SpencerJonathan913 and he soon takes you to Hangouts and changes his name to Travis Oscar. It soon becomes more than one man. They are all in the United States. You are questioned about who you are and what you do. Cell numbers are exchanged. Finally they ask for a photo and they're swapped. They then ask repeatedly if you are the woman in the photo you sent and soon they become satisfied.

When asked about their image being all over the web they really don't have much to say and ignore you. They are arrogant. I keep questioning on their photos and they say the FBI are investigating. Then we argue as to who is the scam and I say I want nothing to do with them.

After calling them a scam and walking away. They then come back at you hard. They use your number, WhatsApp, Email, TextMe and Hangouts. You are contacted by his "daughter", new numbers, names and photos just keep appearing.

As for Oscar Travis he claims to be a 52 year old father of a son and daughter. His wife died in "that Malaysia flight" Their story is all lies. Born in Brazil, parents died and raised by a Catholic priest, he dies too, no friends. The story changes on his children and a son and a daughter Lucy and Romeo. California is where he says he lives and he is on an oil rig for Extension of onshore off the coast. It's unclear if that company exists.

Him: I lost my wife on that Malaysia flight last six years since the life is not easy

Me: I'm so sorry to hear that

Him: No I am looking for my true love

Me: Well, maybe you'll find it

Him: I have in you

Me: I'm not sure about that. So many on MH370

Him: Whats that?

That is the flight number of the still missing Malaysia Airlines flight. These men are as low as they get along with those who use 9/11. These are dangerous men and you'll see why.

We soon settle down. I've baited them with my story and they've come back after I walked away. They soon start to ask information about you. They want a picture of everything. When one is sent a long pause takes place as they are trying to find it on the web. Soon a pattern emerges. They increasingly say they want to send you money. It is their last contract and they're retiring to live with you. They want to buy a house where you are. No. They are lining you up to launder money.

They go all in and offer a log in to their bank account and proof of identity. I agree the bank as they are asking for my proof of identity in return for theirs. I'm not wasting mine on them.

You are given a URL for HSBC Online Banking. If you were a woman in love you would really believe it's HSBC

Me: You're the one with something to prove here.
Look at our chat history. I've done no wrong. I said trust is earned. You earn mine or walk away. I have not a thing to lose.

Him: And do you think I have anything to lose

Him: That is the link to my account. Click on it and I will send you the username and password to it
Please be careful with my money ok

Him: That is my life saving

Me: Okay I have done that HSBC right?

Him: Yes

Him: Username::::Travisoscar78

Him: Password:::travis5555

Me: 9 Billion with HSBC? (I did bait them!)

They take the page down around 10 minutes later and try to use your Gmail to access a phishing site

This is not HSBC. It is hosted on a template made for criminals. If a woman got shown a few million or less they'd believe, but 9 billion! Really? Shorten the URL and get the server it is: HSBC's online banking should be and you need a Online Security Device HSBC provide. The site template address will show you what is wrong;

1234 Somewhere Road, Nashville, TN 00000
Site Phone is (000) 000-0000

We talk more and they continue to data mine everything they can about you. I keep baiting them and start talking about close friends and they start asking about them. I use my "friends" to bait more. They increase their talk about sending money and soon every question is about what there is, who has it and how much it is worth. They also continue to want photos of everything. A day passes and they expect me to have details of luxury yachts, private jets and houses which are not mine.

I can see I am being lined up to launder money or something similar. There is no love to be seen.

Me: Yes I know you have said that

Him: But you know I want to buy the house that we will live in

Him: How would I buy it if I don’t send you money

Me: You bank with HSBC I know how they work. Go open a multi currency account, buy this currency and keep it there.

Him: Why what currency?

Me: Seriously? You have to ask that?

That is enough for me to end it.

I return the next day and go all in on calling out their entire story. I've mined everything I need to expose them for who they are. Time to make them uncomfortable. Several days and we spend a lot of time on Hangouts with them deflecting the lies they told me. I stand my ground and it becomes repetitive so I hit his "daughters" WhatsApp number. Soon we're going it again on multiple apps. Me at them, them in denial. Then with 3 message I just stop it.

If you see any of the following walk away;

Spencer Jonathan

Travis Oscar

Oscar Travis

Mark Anderson

Anderson Mark

Romeo Travis

Lucy Travis

Romeo Lucy

Jackson Mikey

Samson Gabriel

SpencerJonathan913 on Words With Friends

WhatsApp, Cell & Text numbers used;

903 481 9064

442 900 1358

631 364 4511

208 763 3798

623 383 7954


Some images attached. Two are of the "HSBC" account log in and balance.

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Feb 24, 2022
Travis Also now Alex Muller
by: Anonymous

He has aged but is still using the same guys photo. Now his name is Alex muller. on Word Wars

Be careful.

Jan 23, 2021
Still going
by: Anonymous

He is also Michael Howard. Used the same script etc.....Didn't fall for one word!!

Aug 12, 2020
Still going
by: Anonymous

He goes by the name Patrick William now on WWF. Same story about wife missing on Malaysia flight and working on an oil rig in California. Only exchanged texts in WWF for a day or two—-seemed way to fake to me.

Apr 29, 2020
Again They Come Back
by: Biggles777

The daughter comes back using WhatsApp. Travis is heartbroken and going to kill himself. I'm a heartless soul.

Apr 15, 2020
The person who calls himself Stefan Fountain, who works on an off shore oil rig, is a scam
by: Anonymous

I was on a dating site from Western Match and this gentleman that called himself Stefan Fountain sent me an email and he would like to get to know me and he said he worked on an off shore oil rig in Louisiana. We met online back in the beginning of March 2020.

He gave the same story that I just read from what someone else posted, saying his wife past away from cancer 5 yrs ago and he has one son in England and he gave very much in Detail about his whole life. He’s a very smooth talker, very gentle, he acts very loving and caring. We talked a lot on the phone and this went on for about a month and then all of a sudden last night 4/14/20, he started asking questions about being stuck on the rig and having trouble getting his money from the bank because of the coronavirus and he then asked me what bank do I deal with.

Well I wasn’t about to tell him any information about what bank I deal with because I said that’s none of his business and I asked him, why would you even ask that anyways, well then he got really angry and upset that I won’t tell him and he said it’s no big deal and I said look I Don’t give that info to no one and I’m definitely not going to give it to you and I also said if you think your going to ask me for any help with money I will not do that, so don’t even ask.

He got upset and said that I’m being really grumpy and mean to him and if this is how I’m going to act then he said he will just leave me alone and hang up for the night and then that’s what he did. That’s when I knew that I fell for a scammer on that dating site. It really ticks me off. I’m pretty much done with trying a dating site because I think they are all mostly scammers on there. After this how are you supposed to trust someone who actually might be real. I don’t know if this same person is using the site LinkedIn as well because a Stefan Fountain with the same picture that he sent me comes up under that site but it says that he works for Diamond oil rig off of California.

So be careful people and the Phone number that he gave me that he calls from is 1(337)800-2368. He talks all the time about his job on the rig and all the paperwork that he has to fill out and the long hours he works. He actually goes into detail. He makes everything sound so real.

Apr 14, 2020
Another Name
by: Biggles777


They come back. They always do. Now the daughter has a new name and number;

Sammantha Dovel

Number: 208 763 33793

Apr 11, 2020
Regarding Travis Oscar
by: Anonymous

The web page from what I have been able to figure out is used to obtain use of IP addresses as well as his cover story. I to went to the site. The site I seen was of the same bank name, just a different layout. Shortly after my IP address was being used by someone else.

I had a fraud alert appear with google and it said to contact my cell phone carrier. I had a few issues. I also found that my phone had been hacked. This man does have the capability to have many open windows in front of him at once. He is also able to do Video calls on hangouts changing who he looks like.

Apr 11, 2020
Incredible "human beings" aren't they
by: Anonymous

I read your post. I recently was contacted by a scammer from an old dating site that I hadn't paid any attention to in over a year. Your story is much similar to mine, it was my first time to experience a scammer ~

Their patterns are very much the same.

Good on you for posting this.

The guy that contacted me called himself Stefan Fountain, oil rig off of Louisiana, dead wife, dead parents, 19 y.o. son in England needing money ASAP as his landlord had kicked him out for non-payment of rent.

Wow it was a fascinating experiment in human behavior. A part of me enjoyed the story that he built, it was credible in quite a few ways. It didn't take him but a week and a half to introduce the son crisis, then it went from loving phone calls to endless texts, recriminating me for not feeling my motherly instincts to save his son crying out in the cold.

Wow, I wish there was a way to catch and prosecute these people.

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