Told Kirby not intersted, but they insisted

by Stephanie
(Greenville, SC)

I had a young lady come to the door with a bottle of "Awesome" cleaner and told me this was going to be mine if I allow a "quick demonstration" of a cleaning system.

I told her that I was not interested and she insisted that I didn't have to buy the product that she just wanted to demonstrate it. I again told her that I was not able to pay for whatever she was selling and with a sweet southern smile she said, "Don't worry about it, and just watch them clean for you."

Ok, I gave in and let 2 different women into the house with a huge Kirby vacuum system full of attachments that they repeatedly said it does 92 different functions. Well, I was told that one of the ladies was in training and would just sit and watch the other one do all the "selling."

It was entertaining to watch the lady pull out all the stops to show me everything this thing would do. I then spoke up before "the deep cleaning" began and told them that I was not interested nor could we pay for this system as being a one income family of 3 children.

She pressed on thinking that my financial gain would somehow increase within the next few minutes or so. During this time the person, their manager as they called him, had dropped these women off at my house and left them. And when I say left them I mean for over 2hrs.

The demonstrations went on and on with the lady letting my daughters even use the vacuum. They vacuumed the bed mattress for crying out loud taking time to do nooks and crannies from everywhere.

Finally after the show was nearing a close I told the ladies that they better find out where there ride is or they are going to have to have something to eat or drink as it was going on 3 hours when they finally gave up the ghost.

I understand people trying to make a living, and that's exactly why I let them in after learning that they get paid for their show even if we don't buy, but it was so long that I can see why this would turn a lot of customers off.

I mean, I am a pretty nice women and hospitable but after the turn of the 2nd hour I was like, enough is enough already.

What can you do? These people are at your home without their ride, it was awkward and uncomfortable but life learning lessons come with a price, this time it was ...well, TIME!

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Jun 27, 2012
CLEANING SCAM?? you figure?
by: Anonymous

I just had three guys come by in a chevy surburban, wanted to come in and clean with "spic n span"... first for agreeing to shop at the store a discount cleaning supply store, I said ok, as we were preparing to eat supper... then, he asked to come inside and clean...

Well, I refused, and he took my spic and span!! .. and funny thing is... they stopped at NO more houses.. I reported it to the police dept, but... probably NOTHING will be done.

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