To All The Gentlemen Out There

by George
(Ontario Canada)

Hi my name is George,I live in Ontario Canada.I met a lady on Black Planet.Com, maybe a year and a half or two years ago.

We have been E-mailing and sending pictures back & forth in this period of time. We have talked sexy on I.M.& I have received naked photos of her self on my computer. This lady claims that her name is Linda A McThompson & said she lives in Ghana at Sunyani 140 N/T Ghana & at another address 48 Engineer Tshie-Camp Accra Ghana.

I'm a divorced & now single white man,living alone in an apartment. As time went by I did send her money,to help her with her passport??????.

She wants me to fly to Ghana to get married,but first she said I should send her money for her visa, police report, medical report, & the cemony they have in Ghana before you get married, which allows you to live & sleep together for guess what?????????.

The return plane ticket costs $1492.00 dollars,& who knows if she will meet me at the airport in Ghana.

I have not sent her any money as of March/17/2012 at 6:28 P.M.Ontario time. I did also send her a parcel in her uncle's name which is Julian McThompson also. It had some books & a letter for her, some candy,& some whiskey for the elders over there.

Julians address is box 1175 Post Office Sunyani Ghana & his phone number is # 011-233248899540 & Linda;s phone number is # 011-233270510055.

I'm at the age of 61 & get lonely some times. She is a beautiful woman, in the pictures she sends me, if it is really her. She has sent me pictures of her passport, her birth certicate, & school papers of when she when to school to be a nurse, but cannot find a job over there.

She also has her pictures on Facebook & who knows where ever else. I have talked to her, & her uncle on the phone about five months ago. She has also called me, twice. Well gentlemen this is my story. Have I been scammed.

Please gentlemen do not send money to people you do not know or meet. Check it out carefully. If you would like to contact me my E-mail is

Thank you for your time.

Your friend George.

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Mar 19, 2012
No more scamming
by: Anonymous

Im sorry you got scammed. Thse people are located basicaly in Ghana, Laos, Malasya and others. They start as an inofensive friendship and all of a sudden they start to claim love and start to build boundaries with their possible victims.

They work you out for months and even years... it's an investment suitable in exchange for the monney they can sneak out of your loving soul.
My not get personaly involved with a virtual being. Most of times they use stolen identities.

Its good to go back to the old fashion way. Face to face. Join in sports clubs or the gym may will meet real people there. Close to you. The kind of people who do not need support for a passport or visa. In the least worst case scenario...they might be who they claim to be...but what if you are helpping an outlaw to runaway frome their contries. Not worth the risk.

Take care and be wise!!

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