tis the season

by Katie

the salesman shows up at 4pm, just as my husband is walking in the door. They offer us a free gift and say that they want to clean our carpet to get the word of mouth out about their company.

So I say, okay. I thought they were a cleaning business, didnt even know they were selling a vacuum until it was all unpacked, and I cant beleive they took off leaving the salesman here..for 4 1/2 hours.

We mentioned how we havn't eaten and wanted to go out to eat soon, and my husband hadnt even had a chance to get out of his work clothes.

We kept telling them that, although it was a wonderful vacuum, and we beleived it worked, we weren't in a position to pay that much.

We told them that we are trying to buy a vehicle AND that it is December so we have christmas gifts to get and a trip to pay for, but they insisted on "making a deal".

Looking back I should have paid more attention. The salesman kept mentioning how it was his first day, but then he would go on about stories of other peoples houses, and how some people's homes were so dirty, and some people get mad at him, blah bla,,,i cant beleive i fell for it...

My husband finally agreed to purchase the vacuum after the salesman "haggled" with his supervisor, getting the price dropped to 1889, and we'd only pay 69 a month for 36 months.

Only that doesn't add up to the discounted price he showed us, it
added up to the full price, and they really didnt want to leave a trace of evidence.

The paper that he wrote all discounts and prices on, he crumpled up and said was garbage, but I kept to look at later.

Thats when I found out I would still be paying full price and they make sure not to leave a business card or phone number at all.

Luckily we dont have very good credit, and I noticed they didnt pack up the vacuum until we were filling out the credit application, then after a call and finding out that we had past medical bills not paid, they packed it up, and didnt seem too happy.

We tried to tell them the whole time that it was too much..but I feel stupid for signing the contract, but since they didnt leave the vacuum here, if they try to bring it back, Im just going to say i changed my mind, and that I didnt appreciate them staying so long.

Also, we mentioned to them that they ought to try the "richer" neighborhoods, but they said, we actually do more sales in the homes that you wouldnt really expect to buy one (because we are suckers, and not rude, and we have a heart and actually feel bad for the poor kid working his butt off so late).

So anyways, beware...they are pushy. I cannot beleive that around christmas time they prey on people,, and show up late so that you're frustrated and will do just about anything to get them the heck out of your home...

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