Tis the Season - The Bit Con Scammers

by Annie
(United States)

I am someone that has encountered several hundred Nigerian Scammers. They run true to their script of being a Single father, deceased wife and always have some sort of Contract they are bidding on. The most common are the oil riggers Military, Contractors and Engineers.

I did however have a brief encounter with a scammer that says he works for Bain Capital as a Portfolio Manager out of the UK. That was a very interesting twist to rival the A typical plot. Anyway I find all my scammers on Tinder. It is 100% Scammers, Catfisher's and Players. I know I can always bait a good scammer/Catfisher on Tinder. My best suggestion is steer clear of Tinder if you are NOT baiting scammers/catfishers.

The newest encounter I experienced is about a guy I met on Tinder using the plot of being an investor in the new Bit Coin Craze. He says he manages his clients assets in Bit Coin. Well today Bit Coin Tanked over 5 grand from 17000 to 12000.00 and I expect it will further devaluate as the craze subsides.

When I speak with the scammers I play they are all into the Cryptocurrency because it is non traceable. And to add to this of course it is widely accepted in Nigeria. So if any scammers approach you on buying, trading or using Bitcoin - steer clear.

It is BITCONN~ Do not loose sight that the Nigerian scammers are creative with how they will approach you on their need for cash quick.
I had one go as far as to say he was rich enough that he had invested 300,000.00 in Bit Coin.

I do not believe any scammer would invest in bitcoin and they flaunt and spend there cash on lavish items to show off the cash they steal from Women all over the world not just the United States. Until the African government cracks down on this illegal activity it is up to US to not send them a DIME. Cut off there cashflow by not contributing to there greed.

Do not buy into there empty words of love, they do not love anybody. Just MONEY !!

I'm here to say this is not going to stop, one catfisher I encountered a year ago Tyler Barnett says I am stupid to believe they will ever quit or stop Romance Scamming. ITS big business do not KID yourself. Its scary women nowadays feel the need to buy a mans love and affection. It's sad so many stories posted on here all say the same words of being deceived, Lied too and Financially drained by these Parasites.

Do not allow yourself to fall victim to there game. Because once they got you on the hook they will play you like a pro.

Now with the holidays they are out in full force hunting down their next victim to enhance there cash flow. Do not contribute to there economy. I would get Botox before I would pay out to a scammer LOL

just sayin !! LOL ~

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