Timmy Gillet

by Natasha

Beware. He is very dangerous. He appeared on the site Be2. Beautiful presentation. Just fantastic. Beautiful photos, just not true. American.

Says he has a contract with Unesco to build roads in 4 African countries during 4 years. Lives in Nigeria. All fake, now I understand. Wife died, has a son of 11. Contract is over. Has to return.

No money, all in bonds (to me just paper with no value). But he claims for $5 mln. But now no cash money to pay tickets, food, etc. And I fell into the trap. Paid it all.

Buy buy, all is lost. All savings I had, believing.

Continued to pump to the last cent.

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Apr 01, 2014
He is a Liar
by: Anonymous

Unfortunatly I am a victim too but I was so wise not to send money. I discovered some errors in his story and therefore was alert.

In the mean time he attends me for several months... a waste of time and energy! Glad that I didn't lose money!

He should be put in jail!

I look forward to it!

Feb 06, 2014
enough with scammers
by: Anonymous

I'm sorry to hear you fall into one of this despicable scammers cons! I wish there was a way to trap them and send them to jail. Its horrible the way they play with people's feelings and even worst how they work you out to take money from you.

It's frustrating. I hope you are OK. Money might be lost but at least you are not in the hands of a criminal any more.

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