Thought I would have to get the gun

by LAP

Lets just get to the freaky part after 5 hours of salesperson in my house. He would not take no for an answer. It came to me having to hide in my bedroom while my husband was telling him no and that he would have to leave.

Matthew (salesperson) then walked into my bedroom and asked why I was not buying it. My husband was right behind him saying" Dude, I told you no." Matthew then said "I am not talking to you, I came in here to talk to her."

I thought my husband was going to completely lose it but he just said" Now I am really getting pissed off get F out of my house." They both walked out of my room. I thought he was gone.

He then walked in to my bedroom again and asked for something to drink before he left. I thought yes, to do anything to get rid of him. I gave him the drink and went back to my bedroom. I was on facebook the whole time writing about this. He then walked in my bedroom again and said "Hey miss facebook, here is my information." I was getting nervous and said" I am sorry we are not buying from you, we just do not have the money."

He then said" NO, do not say we. It is not we. It is HIM. He is the problem (meaning my husband). You were great." He then left and finally got out of my house.

Looking back, I think he might have been doing cocaine. He kept going into my bathroom. He had this energy level for these 5 hours like you would not believe. He reminded me of Jim Carry. His noises, flips dances..He was so entertaining my kids did not want to go outside and play because they were laughing and having fun watching him.

The whole thing seemed surreal as it was happening. Kept looking at my closet to see if i had to get an reinforcer to get him out.

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Feb 03, 2018
by: Anonymous

How is this lady being a coward when the husband is suppose to protect his family. You sound like a coward for wanting your woman to protect you.

Dec 04, 2015
Not smart
by: Anonymous

You let strangers into your house, then you go hiding in your room and let your husband deal with it.

That's pretty low and cowardly.

Aug 09, 2014
Your fault!
by: Anonymous

Who lets a complete stranger in their home, especially when there are children in the home? I hope you learned a lesson never to let strangers into your home.

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