Thomas Gunther / Jason Gunther

by Queen of Hearts
(North Carolina)

Thomas Gunther1  profile picture

Thomas Gunther1 profile picture

SCAMMER alert!

Thomas Gunther is on FaceBook and will invite you to become his friend, says you are truly beautiful, then asks you to join him for chats on Google HangOuts, where he will text and call you, but its not the man in the pictures but a foreign scammer.

He deceived me and others and I wish I had known this about him before I gave him a large sum of money. He proposed marriage to me. He says he works on an oil rig out of Houston, and then gets a huge contract in the UK North Sea and will be there a few months, then plans to retire and marry you. He claims to be a widow raising a 14 yr son named Jason.

Yes, foolish I know, but lesson learned. He is very charming and will tell you he cannot imagine going through life without you, because he loves you and that you are is soulmate. Please beware of this scammer. The pictures are of a very handsome man with lots of charm, but this is not him.

I don't know who the pictures are of, but I'm sure they have been stolen.

BEWARE of this man!!!

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